The #8 Academic Institution in the world presents a valuation approach for tokens and projects $ZCN to increase 1700% in 5 years time!

The #8 Academic Institution in the world presents a valuation approach for tokens and projects $ZCN to increase 1700% in 5 years time!

Valuation approach for tokens has been developed in collaboration with academics such as Andrea Buraschi, Chair in Finance at Imperial College London and industry experts Saswata Basu CEO (0Chain) and Mohammed Siam COO 0Chain.

The approach is based on the company 0Chain, an equilibrium methodology developed to solve for the price of goods and services based upon market conditions. To mathematically calculate the ZCN token price, they've determined network value by the medium of exchange principle (Buterin, 2017). The price of the token (C ) can be determined by the quantity of goods and services (P) that can be purchased with 1 ZCN token.


According to their study, they are projecting the $ZCN token to increase 1700% in 5 years time!

This makes ZCN the first and only cryptocurrency that has an underlying asset value based on mathematics, a real-world utillity, and a bottom price valuation compared to real-world goods and services.

Although they have chosen very conservative growth numbers for cloud storage usage, achieveing only 1% of market share would be 1600x more than their valuation assumptions. Also, not accounted in the valuation is the speculation value and value brought by other applications that will be built on top of 0ChainNet, such as cross border payment solutions, decentralized exchange, and other dApps.

Read the original article and full valuation approach here!

Early this month 0Chain has released their Alphanet and 0Box app. 0Box is a Dropbox-style, zero-trust decentralized cloud storage app, more secure, faster and costless (when using ZCN), perfect for content creators and basically anyone who wants to protect their data and keep it away from the centralized entities such as Google Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.

Check out the TestFlight iOS build, and download it here:



0Chain is a 'Layer 1' blockchain protocol that enables decentralized applications to abstract infrastructure and ‘zero-trust’ protocols. 0Chain permissionless infrastructure cloud is designed to host the next-generation of software and services providing greater speed and security than existing cloud solutions.

0Chain main products are:
• 0ChainNet is a fast, secure, public enterprise-grade blockchain powered by an innovative and original consensus protocol. It is used by 0Box to provide a zero-trust, fast cloud solution for the consumer and enterprise.
• 0Box is the world's first enterprise-grade, high-performance, high-security, zero-trust dStorage:tm: platform. Upload, store files and take control of your data.
• 0Wallet security and conveniency without the hardware. Using an innovative split key protocol, all you need to transact are 2 devices and a PIN.


• 0ChainNet Explorer:
• 0ChainNet faucet: (need to create a wallet first)
• 0ChainNet Service Providers:

• 0Box iOS Beta app download:

ZCN token

• ZCN is the first and only cryptocurrency that has an underlying asset value based on mathematics:
• When a user locks their ZCN, these tokens collect an “interest” which can be used toward payment of transactions or data services.

• Super fast transactions with sub-second (0.45s) steady-state finality.
• ZCN can scale to infinite TPS on multiple parallel chains without impacting performance.
• ZCN can be used to receive services for “free” as the token is redeemable upon service completion.
• Distributed worldwide, built on the principles of blockchain with a growing set of miners.


• 0Chain Whitepaper:
• 0Chain Valuation Whitepaper:
• 0Chain Consensus Protocol:
• 0Chain Storage Protocol:
• 0Chain Split Key Protocol:
• 0Chain Economic Protocol:
• 0Chain Governance Protocol:
• 0Chain Token Reward Protocol:


Announcements: @ZCN_announcements
Unofficial price chat:
Service Providers TG:
Trading Chat:

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0Chain, a Zero-Trust Cloud Infrastructure
0Chain, a Zero-Trust Cloud Infrastructure

0Chain is a public, permissionless infrastructure cloud designed to host the next-generation of software and services.

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