Cardano Virtual Summit

Cardano Virtual Summit 2020, July 2nd & 3rd - Registration still open

It's only 5 days until the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020 Shelley Edition will be held. I'm already registered to attend and very much hoping for insightful talks concerning the future of Cardano and its new era, which is about to begin with Shelley.

Free registration is still open at

The 2-day virtual summit will happen on July 2nd and 3rd and will feature some interesting speakers like Vinton G. Cerf, an internet pioneer and one of the "fathers of the internet" according to Wikipedia. Of course also Charles himself and other team members of IOHK, too, as well as supposedly many more.

There'll be lectures, workshops and keynotes regarding Blockchain technology, business and of course Cardano, building the Cardano community and possibly much more. You'll find more information on their website and upon registration.

Also, in case you ever wanted to do this, there's a virtual cocktail party planned for July 2nd. The Team at Cardano came up with Shelley Cocktail and Mocktail recipes, which you will get in an email after registration, so you can prepare them yourself before the event and then enjoy them together.

Just don't miss it if you're interested in Cardano and what's to come.

If you want to go all in on the Cardano Virtual Summit you can grab this swag bundle and show your support, drink coffee and write down notes in style.


EDIT: The agenda has been published by the Cardano Team, you can find it here.


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