Blockfi mobile app updated to allow trading and even more new features

The Blockfi mobile app received a huge update today making it even more convenient.

As of now it supports trading of crypto currencies, touch and/or face id and the ability to purchase the Gemini stablecoin GUSD directly via USD wire payment.

This allows users of the app to effortlessly manage their Blockfi accounts on mobile, basically without the need to ever log into the website on a computer ever again.

The new trading feature comes without any fees and enables you to easily swap between all crypto currencies supported by Blockfi, namely Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, USDC, PAX and GUSD.

To initiate a trade just hit the + button at the bottom of the screen and choose "Trade". As you can see the options to deposit or withdraw funds are also available right there.


Blockfi options


The trade window is pretty much self explanatory. You choose which currency you want to buy, how much you want and what you want to sell. It displays the current rate and your available balance. Once you're done you hit "Review Trade", check that you didn'T do anything wrong, and submit the trade which will be carried out asap. The newly bought currency will appear in your Blockfi interested account immediately when the trade is done.


Trading menu


The USD wire transfer feature basically lets you buy GUSD directly in one to five business days, depending on your area. US is the fastest, other countries can take 3-5 days. This feature makes it super easy to benefit from Blockfis interest rate of 8.6% yearly on GUSD stablecoin. Just buy it with USD directly in the app and you're set. You earn interest which is paid out every month allowing you to also earn interest on that interest. Compare this to traditional banks and you know who's the winner. If you want to own Bitcoin or ETH, just swap it like explained above at anytime. You get one free withdrawal a month if you need your money again in USD.


wire transfer


You can enable touch or face id on your first login after the update or a new install. Just put in your credentials and choose "Login and enable touch id" which will show you this prompt that you just confirm to enable touch id.


enable touch id


In the app you're also able to take out a loan, check your balances and view all past transactions, all in a clear and neatly designed interface. All this makes Blockfi really easy to use and a good entry point into Crypto and the future of finance. Benefit now from high interest rates and manage your funds without much effort. If you're new to Blockfi you'll also get a welcoming gift of $10 in Bitcoin on top of all that. See below on how this works.


Thanks for reading and have a good day.


If you don't already have a Blockfi account feel free to use my code b9651f1d  upon registration or directly open an account using this link. Just hit the "Get Started" button and put in your data. If you deposit more than $100 at once and hold it for 30 days, you'll receive $10 in Bitcoin with your next interest payout (only if you used my code to register) and i'll get a reward too. Until you get the interest and the BTC paid out you can't withdraw any funds from your account, otherwise you won't get the reward. Blockfi terms apply. This is not financial advise.

Also if you're not already using Brave Browser, feel free to download and install it using my link which will also support me. Take back control with Brave and get rewarded for watching ads.

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