Beware of Scams! Background Check first with CryptoScamDB!

No matter if you're new in the crypto scene or you have been around since the early days, falling victim to a more or less elaborate scam can happen to anyone. Scammers are everywhere, coming at you with phishing attempts, fake ICOs, ponzi schemes or straight up asking you send them money with the promise of incredible returns.

One powerful tool to help you fight these scammers is formerly known as

The website, powered by, "is dedicated to creating a safer cryptospace by educating the public on best security practices, uncovering malicious actors, and exposing scams, as well as providing scam detection services that can be integrated into existing products" as stated in their mission statement.

It is an Open Source project focused on privacy and transparency. All the data is available for interested developers to check out on Github. They also offer an api for other projects to make use of the aquired data.

What the website offers for the average user is a list of known scams and their respective URL. As of now the list contains 7.849 known scams. You can search for an URL and it will tell you if it is a known scam and under what category it falls. You can also click on it to get further information like related wallet addresses, screenshots if available or if it's still online. You can also warn your friends about it using Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

In addition to that the website offers a second list with verified domains so you can check and reach the real website of your beloved crypto project.

If you want to help protect others from scams you can also report a scam you discovered or have fallen victim to and add it to the list. This will also enable other entities to shut down those scams and contain the integrity of the overall crypto ecosystem.

If you're interested in learning more about the project just check their mission statement yourself.

If you like what you see you can also contribute to the project on Gitcoin. Just a disclaimer at this point that i am in now way affiliated with cryptoscam.db or I just think it's an important project.

So next time you get offered some amazing bargain that sounds to good to be true, go to and fact check if it's legit. Chances are someone else already reported it if it's a scam. Also the more people contribute and report scams the better the page will get. So keep that in mind.


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