ZT Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival Night, Double Gifts giveaways and more non-stop benefits.

ZT Mid-Autumn Festival Carnival Night, Double Gifts giveaways and more non-stop benefits.

By ZT Global | ZT | 15 Sep 2021

It's another year to reunite us together, and it's a good time for everyone. On this festive season, ZT wishes all users a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and to be thankful for the freedom of wealth in this beautiful golden autumn!

In order to thank all our beloved users for their continued support, ZT will hold a double gift event during the Mid-Autumn Festival to give back to our users.d71394adb0d56468bfc5cbf784ac3c7b937babdd399106de49052954e495df88.jpg

Activity 1: Mid-Autumn Festival trading lottery, win 10000USDT equivalent in NFT rewards

ZT will hold the Mid-Autumn Festival Trading Lottery from 12:00 on September 11st to 23:59 on September 21 (UTC+8). During the event, users can get a chance to win a lottery every 188UDST of transactions, and the maximum number of draws is 10 times.

The reward distribution are as follows:a2d148ede6c4f21da39b9c03dbaf63a50c3a3f9c741c4f2a5ca37d3a3548b5fa.png

Activity Rules:

  1. Event rewards are not locked, and will be issued to the user's currency account within 3 working days after the event ends;
  2. If there are malicious cheating behaviors such as knocking and trading transactions, ZT platform has the right to cancel the qualification for the award and make a permanent ban;
  3. ZT reserves the right of final interpretation of this event permitted within the scope of the law. If you have any questions, please contact the official customer service.

Activity two, Mid-Autumn Festival face-to-face, non-stop fun.

Get one more LUCKY-DRAW chance by doing the following instruction on twitter or facebook:

1, Comment

2, RT (twitter) or share the post (facebook)

3, Like

The event time: 13th Sep. 2021 10:00-16th Sep. 2021 10:00(UTC)

The reward will be sent to your account on 17th Sep.

 The LUCKY-DRAW activity will end on 21st Sep. 2021, 15:59 (UTC)3660a12bbf2a089f8834e32215e901ea532a5dca3e86769eb28adcaefca33c98.jpg

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