Embrace the supervision, ZT will unswervingly follow the path of international development

Embrace the supervision, ZT will unswervingly follow the path of international development

By ZT Global | ZT | 23 Oct 2021

On October 19th, US local time, ProShares CEO Michael Sapir pressed the bell on the New York Stock Exchange. This was the birth of a milestone in the history of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin futures ETF was officially launched for trading on the Nasdaq NYSE Arca.

It is reported that US public pension funds have begun to enter the BTC market, and PIMCO, an asset management company worth 2.2 trillion US dollars, has confirmed that they are investing in Bitcoin and other crypto assets. Recently, CNBC quoted people familiar with the matter as reporting that Grayscale Investment, which has not made a major move for a long time, is planning to apply for the conversion of its Bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC) into a Bitcoin spot ETF fund.

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economic development direction is uncertain and the development speed continues to slow down. Crypto assets have become the new darling of traditional financial institutions. The pace of traditional financial deployment of encrypted digital assets is accelerating. With this, crypto assets have quickly entered the public's field of vision and has become one of the basic choices for the public's asset allocation.

As a medium for market users and project parties, the crypto trading platform has always been at the top of the ecological chain of this emerging market. Since August, leaders of regulatory agencies in various countries have begun to increase the intensity of supervision. By September, the density has further increased. How to embrace supervision and ensure the healthy development of encrypted finance is the main bottleneck for the current development of crypto trading platforms.

The crypto trading platform is widely recognized as the leader of the crypto market. In the face of supervision, the measures have a demonstrative and driving effect on the compliance development of the entire industry.

ZT Global is a newly promoted second-tier trading platform, which has been practicing and working hard on the road of compliance development.

ZT Global is an international financial technology group headquartered in Seychelles. The R&D team is distributed in many places around the world and uses distributed offices, including New York, Tokyo, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., with a coverage of 90% of popular assets, supporting China, Britain, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Middle East, etc. Multi-language, obtained the MSB financial service licenses in many countries.

ZT Global disclosed in September 2020 and September 2021 that it obtained the MSB financial service license and the Canadian MSB financial service license issued by the U.S. regulatory authorities, and was approved to carry out digital asset exchange and digital asset transaction services in the United States and Canada. For business, obtaining a US MSB license means that the United States will allow ZT trading platform to legally and compliantly carry out digital asset-related services in the United States. It also means obtaining authoritative approval from the U.S. Department of the Treasury to carry out related businesses in the United States and around the world. It represents the compliance supervision of the digital currency platform. This year, it has obtained the Canadian MSB financial service license, which marks the next step in ZT's global development and is another important measure for standardized development.

Currently, ZT Global is applying for relevant licenses for the digital currency trading industry in Switzerland, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and other countries.

In November 2020, ZT Global recruited global KOL partners from global blockchain communities, industry opinion leaders, and industry media/institution practitioners. Global KOLs will participate in the global operation of the platform. Their joining allows ZT Global in the pace of globalization that has taken a step forward.

In terms of market expansion in South Korea, on December 25, 2020, ZT Global and TrueChain reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will establish a global business expansion strategy of mutual assistance by leveraging the advantages of blockchain, technical services, and market channels. In-depth cooperation in global brand marketing, ecological community construction, etc. TRUE has a large user base and community. Korean, Chinese, and English communities are booming, and it has its own cooperative organizations in South Korea and Brazil. Especially the Korean community is highly sticky and active. It has been listed in popular Korean forums many times. In the first top five, this in-depth cooperation with TrueChain has enabled the platform to achieve a breakthrough from 0 to 1 in the Korean market, and ZT Global has made substantial progress in the process of global development.

On March 24, 2021, in order to accelerate the global development of ZT Global, ZT launched a global city partner recruitment plan. People from all over the world who love blockchain, have rich industry resources, and excellent and powerful industry players and institutions participate in the platform construction.

In the North American market, ZT Global has developed in-depth cooperation with ZSC super node WHYC MEDIA. WHYC MEDIA is the first overseas ZSC super node. The platform provides WHYC MEDIA with all-round support in manpower and material resources to help expand overseas business and brand marketing. The arrival of WHYC MEDIA makes the international development of ZT even more icing on the cake. As a leading public relations and brand communication consulting company in North America, WHYC MEDIA will provide complete overseas integrated marketing and community operation services for the smart chain and participate in the election as an overseas node. WHYC MEDIA is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and has rich experience in building a complete public relations strategy for Chinese companies going to North America for many years.

 In addition to integrating high-quality resources in the industry and expanding the construction of the platform's global development team, the platform has also made remarkable achievements in capital blessings. On February 27, 2021, the platform completed the first round of multi-million-dollar financing. The financing was led by SoftBank Group (UK), and Cabin VC, Candaq, and Dealean followed the investment. The financing will be used for further investment. Strengthen the global development of ZT Global, deepen the depth of the underlying transaction business, and enhance the scale management capabilities of digital assets.

Encrypted asset compliance development has a long way to go. Embracing supervision and innovative development, ZT will go further and further on the road of international development.

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