【Boost Growth】ZT Establishes $5 Million Fund to Boost Meta-Verse Projects

【Boost Growth】ZT Establishes $5 Million Fund to Boost Meta-Verse Projects

By ZT Global | ZT | 22 Nov 2021

Dear users,

    As a supporter of the blockchain industry, ZT has been constantly paying attention to industry trends. At present, the breaking circle of Meta-verse pushes the industry to the peak again. In order to support the development of the Meta-verse, ZT officially launched the "Meta-verse Plan boosted by the first phase fund of $5 million". Through the joint high-quality investment institutions to set up a special investment fund, GameFi professional game association recommendation, high-quality projects free currency channel, GameFi field BIG V promotion and GameFi project incubator and a series of measures. Provide dimensional services for outstanding projects in the field of the meta-universe to accelerate their growth. The plan is as follows.

  • A Special Fund for Meta of ZT 

    ZT Capital, together with other high-quality investment institutions such as Chainfir Capital, Cabin VC, Dealean Capital, and Candaq Fintech (in no particular order) set up the Special investment fund for Meta-verse, with an initial scale of $5 million. It will focus on investment in the whole network of all kinds of meta-space projects. Approved projects have the opportunity to obtain investmentfrom them. For more details on the Meta-Verse Fund, pleases turn to ZT Project Application.

  • Professional Game Association Recommended in GameFi Domain

    ZT will cooperate with CrytoPHD, DWARF GUILD, March Up For Future and other professional GameFi guilds as the first experience officer to provide technical guidance, strategy sharing, early participation and other support For screening through the project.


  • Fast Listing Channel for GameFi for Free

    ZT will provide excellent GameFi projects with free and fast access to list, so that more high-quality projects can get a wider display platform and development opportunities.


    As the blockchain-based metasexes continue to evolve, GameFi will serve as an important link between the industry and beyond. ZT is committed to working with premium capital, professional GameFi associations and game lovers to contribute to the development of the metasomes and provide comprehensive support and quality experience for GameFi teams and users.

Risk warning

    Digital assets are innovative products with large price fluctuations. Users are requested to rationally judge their risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.

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