FarSite = EVE Online but onchain ?

By Zim01 | Zim's Ramble | 29 Apr 2021

Hello you all, 

This is my first post here on Publish0x and I would like to start if off with FarSite. Just allow me to write a bit about me and how I see things. 

I've been mostly looking into "old" fashion crypto (buy a token, hold it, it goes up or down in value, sell it) but as of recently I've started to dive a bit into crypto gaming. I friend of mine started this crypto gaming journey years ago, with crypto kitties then later on with Axie Infinity... I never actually had the time or dared to invest into something like that. It seemed just too fair fetched that one could actually earn something if anything by making some digital Tamagotchis. 

But as things evolved so is crypto gaming or so it seems. About a month ago I started off my crypto journey with Alien Worlds as many other I would assume. Not much of a gameplay in Alien Worlds tho, you click 1 button, you mine, you get some TLM and hopefully RGN gods smile upon you and reward you with some NFT that you already have x amount of. Rinse and repeat. Since Alien Worlds is on WAX blockchain it lead me to take a look into other projects there. One being Koloboks, didn't quite understand it to begin with, but after a few tries it's actually a fun little game. Requires very little of investment to get you going, pretty much as Alien Worlds is truly free to start off. So between those 2 I found another fun project R-Planet... that allowed me to stake my unused NFTs from both Alien Worlds and Koloboks. Now R-Planet have done a few turns recently that is kind of leaving a bad impression about it. They are going to nerf Koloboks staking rewards by 5x and they are making Alien Worlds NFT's abundants NFT worth 0 to stake. I understand why they are doing it tho... they want to reward their own players who are pooring money into R-Planet and buying their own products, but it's kind of false advertisement to say that you can stake NFT's from other games then later remove it when it get too popular. All of that made me start looking into other directions as I'm kind of losing faith in R-Planet and I can still play Alien Worlds and mess around with my Koloboks without being dependent on R-Planet. But all of this is kind of leaving me wanting something more... That's when I saw an ad for FarSite :) 


What is FarSite ?? Well it's not really all that much at the moment. 



Once you create an account and you log on this is what you are meet with. You are gifted a space ship, and it's spinning around in something that looks like hangar bay. There are some tasks you can do, like follow FarSite_Online on twitter. For that you are rewarded credits. Those credits are then used to upgrade your starter gear so when the game launches you will be able to play it right off the bat. 

Now THIS is a game that seems to be worth both my time and energy!!! I almost get a feeling of when I first stepped into EVE Online like 2 decades ago... and BEST PART !!! This is still in very early stages ... so this alone is enough for me. I've already seen there are few peeps talking about how this game will be so I won't bore you with that. 

There is also a GUIDE as you see in a screenshot above here that will allow you to read up on game and game mechanics. 



If you are into blockchain games, and space is your genere then I would urge you to visit FarSite either by https://play.farsite.online/ or if you wish to help me join up with my referral link : https://farsite.club/u/Apollo

I honestly think THIS could be a space game on chain that will be awesome and early adopters like you and me could get handsomely rewarded since it's still in development and we don't have to FOMO in, but can rather follow the project from start. Perhaps I didn't bring anything new to the table in regards of FarSite but hopefully some more people will read this and they will at least take a look. 

PS! I will keep an close eye on this and try to post updates as developments goes on. 

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Zim's Ramble
Zim's Ramble

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