Happy Mothers Day to a Mom in Your Life

By Fritzie2894 | Zie_1228 | 8 May 2021

They’re the women who consistently care for their families. The ones navigating busy schedules, messy rooms, and sometimes, empty homes. They’re the women who mentor others with love, and who lead others with compassion. And they’re the women who keep showing up—even when life gets hard.

These women show us what it means to be a Mom. They are worthy of being loved, known, and celebrated.

I also salute to those single parents who raised their child alone. A mom, who becomes a father that provides a living for her kids. And a dad, who not only provide for his kids needs but also gives care and nurture his kids. 

Today is a great day to tell a mom in your life how much you appreciate her. Take a moment to thank God for the moms He’s placed around you. Happy mothers day to every mom out there! 





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