Zethyr Finance 2: ZTR

By Zethyr Exchange | Zethyr Exchange | 8 Dec 2020

Dear Zethyrians,

This will be the last blog before Zethyr Finance 2 is launched and we understand that many of you have been looking forward to this. After much deliberate discussion between our team members and community members, we have made major changes to ZTR as follows.


Giving back control to the community

After years in the blockchain space, one thing has been certain: at the heart of any solid decentralized application is its community. After slightly more than 1 year, we are proud to say that Zethyr has gathered the most sophisticated and robust community in TRON. Therefore, it is time for the community to play a pivotal role in the growth of Zethyr moving forward. After releasing Zethyr Finance 2, the team will focus on building the governance portal which enables community members to contribute, discuss and vote for proposals.


Reset the use cases of ZTR to start from governance only

An important feature of Zethyr is its core token – ZTR. To let the community decide how to steer the protocol forward, we will also reset the use cases of ZTR to start from governance only. This means that EcoPower and TradingPower will be removed. This decision is also partially driven by the failures of other dividend-distribution protocols whose dividend-maniac communities have largely killed those platforms. On the other hand, we see protocols whose communities actively contribute to their governance flourish. The success of the latter not only builds flourishing protocols but also brings much profit to governance token holders.


Mining of ZTR

In Zethyr Finance 2, borrowers and suppliers will be able to mine ZTR. The exact details will be published in the 2.0 whitepaper. The cost of mining ZTR will be the same for Zethyr Finance and Zethyr Exchange.


Listing of ZTR

Governance of Zethyr includes when to list ZTR. Therefore, the ZTR holders will decide when the protocol is ready to list ZTR.


Yes, and that’s it.

All set for Zethyr Finance 2.

DEFI on!


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Zethyr Exchange
Zethyr Exchange

A TRON decentralised exchange that distributes 100% revenue to the community

Zethyr Exchange
Zethyr Exchange

Zethyr Exchange is a TRON decentralised exchange that distributes 100% revenue to the community.

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