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By ZeroTrader | ZeroTrader | 17 Apr 2020


I could spend years explaining all my experiences and everything I can remember, which is a lot, but at the same time nothing, although I can also explain it quickly:

I spent most years in school and in general as one more in the crowd, without standing out or doing more than they could see in me, someone mediocre, with nothing to highlight, one more, one less, just another pawn. They could not be more wrong and further from reality, because the first rule and one of the most important as I stated, 99.9% of the world, is always wrong, and as it could not be in another way, they were wrong with me.

Apologies for over-explaining myself in this intermediate chapter, but I think it is important to create the necessary background.

A jump into the past

I will explain an anecdote. When I started university, I decided that it was time to make a change, it was time to demonstrate my worth and leave behind the world that, on many occasions, had underestimated me and in the one, I haven’t invested much effort into. I remember one of the first days of the university (I was studying engineering), let’s describe it as a complex career, my friends from that moment and I were discussing the next years and how much it will take from us to end. At that moment, I said: “I will finish this degree in 4 years (it was the minimum time) because it is the time that I decided”. After that, they started laughing and mocking me, They told me, not even 1% achieve it, don’t be an arrogant fool.

I did not care, although at that time I did not understand it, the masses are unable to see what they have in front of them, and as I commented, there is no greater ability/”devil fruit” than what I possess, an unbreakable spirit and determination. Do you remember what I told you, right? Guess what happened four years later. I received the award for being the best student of the promotion, and I even managed to finish it in less than 4 years, not being the smartest or most capable, but I was able to perceive what it was needed to be done. I never surrendered even in the hardest moment or in the limits when everything seemed to be lost. I adapted myself by taking my discipline at the highest level to achieve my goal and preserve my most precious asset, my time and the virtue of deciding what to do with it.

At that time, I was already highly interested in the financial markets, although I did put a lot of time on it. A couple of years later, when I went to the job market intending to eat the world, “earning a lot of money, and being successful”, I entered a consultancy company and I couldn’t have had the worst experience. I could say I found the worst people I can even imagine, jealousy, envy, taking advantage… They represented everything I hate. Being accountable for unscrupulous people willing to do anything for money and social value. It was not going to be like this, I refuse to pay this price for the rest of my life. However, looking at it with a perspective, I cannot be more grateful to them. I paid a high price, to achieve a greater reward.

I also thought at that time: what I know to do and how I can survive on my own without depending on anyone else; and the answer was, nothing I can’t, even if I had studied a 4 career and a master among many more things. I realized I have been taught my whole life to be totally dependant on others, either companies & projects

That answer was devastating, and in some way sad, my family investing money in me, education, effort, time, everything… a whole life, to be 100% dependent on others, and unable to do anything on my own, and destined to pay a price I was not willing to pay under any condition.

(Anyway, looking it now with perspective, it was not a meaningless waste, it was the needed background to jump into the next level. I am sure it was not a mistake, without it, I couldn’t have understood many things and have a prepared brain to understand algorithms and to go further).

Re: Starting my life from Zero

These have been the most difficult years, I did not abandon that professional part of me, but at the same time, I did. Through that moment and after passing that devastating mental process, I dedicated all my time and energy to the markets, and little by little, I swam within despair, lies, and falsehoods it offers. I refused everything to search the truth behind it and understand the algorithms that rule the world. As I said, this is and is not about the financial markets, but don’t be wrong, today the markets are no longer people, they are nothing more than programmed algorithms supervised by people, machines programmed with infinite money that they do their utmost to confuse us and continue with their preset redistribution of wealth, steal and rules us.

Everyone starting in this world of trading thinks he is there to win. However, you can not be further from the truth. Everything is millimetrically prepared to fool you, to manipulate you and to skew your perception of reality. Since the marketing behind it, algorithms, your human nature…. Everything. They play with time, the most dangerous weapons and they attack the most basic instincts of humans. You need to forget everything and start from Zero again if you want to win.

You are going to lose, I am sorry, there is no other answer, that’s the truth.

You must know that you are going to lose multiple/infinite times, you are predestined to lose and there is no guarantee how many years/hours it will take you to understand it, but you will know it when you finally get it, and the world will never be as it was before. Your capacity to understand the traps, read the algorithms and understand the world as a one, will be discovered and that’s what I am going to share.

There is only one way to win them: Lose and fight infinite times, until you are strong enough to look them with your eyes, being impassive to emotions & distractions knowing when the are going to attack and how it will be prepared.

During that time, I have been seeing many of my colleagues, who, unfortunately, almost all of them pawns of the system. They distrusted everything I did and laughed at me, thinking that I had no chance. Even if, I didn’t give up, and kept going.

Today, I know that I am many years ahead of them, not only perception, the capacity of learning new things from scratch, but in many more… Despite having a similar career, and the same training, my brain has been working and evolving in thousands of different situations and faced infinitely complex algorithms and problems, and that leads you to understand many hidden truths not only in that area but in everything. Of course, this will be incomprehensible to them, as they will only be able to get to your place, after open their eyes, but that is not an easy thing to do without playing a price.

The end is the new beginning

In the last 3–4 years as I said, I invested all my time in only one thing to bring it to perfection (and I know I became of the best traders).

You need to fight and to die uncountable times in the process, and overcome the algorithms and yourself.

This was the most difficult path I have followed, there is nothing comparable to this, I have lost thousands of times, I have faced despair, I felt the inability to not understand anything, you must comprehend that you are fighting against something impossible, but at the same time, I have resigned myself to not keep going, because, in the end, sooner or later, my eyes lit up.

You probably think I’m crazy, but don’t go so fast, little by little you will understand that I am not, although I get that it will be difficult for you now.

I usually trade everything, stocks, forex, equities… Everything works under the same parameters and rules. Nevertheless, the world now is giving us the most interesting possibility, this is the cryptocurrency market.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not crazy crypto enthusiastic as many people out there, thinking that bitcoin is going to change the world or spreading bullshit like that… I don’t believe in that. I state this because this market is the market of the future, is where all money is going to be moved (now money is in manipulating stocks & global currencies, but not for much more time).

Cryptomarket is the most elevated way of manipulation, meaning it is the sharpest weapon existing, it’s the biggest creation/profitable so far to steal money from people, but at the same time, it is the heaven for the ones who understood the world as it is and the ones able to fight with the most basic human emotions.

Don’t believe it is dead just because you can’t hear it, you can’t hear it just because it is not dead.

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This blog is about my personal history. How I learned and became a great trader by understanding the game, fighting uncountable battles and investing all my hours along 4 years.


This blog is about my personal history. How I learned and became a great trader by understanding the game, fighting uncountable battles and investing all my hours along 4 years. I did it by learning to read the code, the algorithms and by comprehending how the smart money manipulate your brain using their weapons and how they control your psychological status.

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