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By ZeroRequiem | Zero to Hero | 25 Aug 2022

I am proud to announce the launch of the official ZeroRequiem Community Rewards Program.


Every month I will reward one lucky follower with 25% of my monthly Publish0x earnings. The reward will be paid out in Bitcoin. 

I will post an update on the 1st of every month, and you lovely readers will have until the final day of the that month to enter. 


How to enter:

  • To be eligible you must be a follower,
  • you must like and tip this post,
  • and you must leave a comment with your Bitcoin Wallet address. 


For this month, you have until August 31st to complete the 3 steps above and become eligible for the Bitcoin Reward. 

I will be using the profits I made during my first month of posting on Publish0x: $9.48 (this amount consists of $4.48 in reader tips and $5.00 from a writing contest prize)

This means that this month's Lucky Winner will receive a reward of $2.37 worth of Bitcoin. 


I know this is not an insane amount of money, but it is what I can do right now to give back...and who doesn't love some free crypto?

I am open to increasing the amount of winners and rewards as we grow this community!




I would really like to discourage any low-effort comments or interactions.

Since there is no way to confirm who has liked the post, the amount of commenters I enter in the raffle will be determined by the amount of likes I get on this post.

For example: If this post gets 10 likes, then only 10 commenters will be put in the raffle. If I get 100 likes, then 100 commenters will be entered in the raffle.

If there are more commenters than likes on a certain post, I will use my discretion to select comments that obviously put an effort in and are trying to engage. 

I am trying to build a community and reward my readers, I do not want to reward random people for not truly engaging!


My goal is not to get rich from writing on Publish0x, I simply just want to write what I want and maybe build a cool community. 

That is why I think this "Reward Program" is a great idea. This is a way for me to give a little back to you, my amazing readers, for your support!


If you have made it this far and enjoyed the post, please consider hitting the Thumbs Up 👍 and Follow buttons!

If you want to be even more awesome, please Tip before you go!



See ya!



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The Community Rewards Program that selects 1 Lucky Follower to win 25% of my monthly Publish0x earnings.

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