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By Silfra | Zero Dollar Investing | 4 Jun 2022

Today I'm celebrating a milestone in my crypto bootstrapping journey.

It's not a particular date or amount that I've hit, but I feel like it's important enough for me to acknowledge.

The Platform:

I started an account with with the intention of just claiming the faucet. I probably found it through a referral link, and someone is likely benefitting from my success.

This site has a faucet that can be claimed every 15 minutes, PTC ads, you can get bonuses from referring other users (requires viewing 2 ads per day), and there are also features I don't use like a lottery and hi-lo game. There's also an offerwall, and you can buy ads, but I think the coolest feature by far (and the one I'm celebrating today) is called Revenue Sharing.

What is Revenue Sharing?

Located in the "Earn Interest" tab, this feature is like a 180-day stake. Here's how the site describes it:

By investing in 1 share (0.00001000 BTC) you will receive 0.7% of this value per day for 180 days adding up to a total of 0.00001260 BTC

So essentially, after earning 1,000 satoshi from claiming the faucet (1-4 sats per claim) and viewing the ads (usually 1 sat, sometimes as much as 5 sats) I promptly gave those babies away on the promise that I would get them back with interest on the order of seven sats per day.

I know that sounds like an absolute pittance (and it is), but bear with me.

Because 7 sats times 180 days is 1,260, overall I'll be getting 260 free sats for doing nothing just by investing in this "share." I'm well aware that this is also a pittance, but the interesting part is that 260 sats is roughly 1/4 of the cost of an additional share.

I don't have to be logged in to get the daily interest, nor do I miss out on it if I don't "claim" it in some way -- it will be added to my total automagically at UTC midnight each day and all I have to do is wait...

And while I wait, I will continue to claim the faucet and view the ads, gaining more and more sats until I can buy another share, and another, and another...

Because I'm doing faucet & ads, I'm building momentum that allows me to reach 1,000 sats for an additional share LONG before the previous one expires.

So what Silfra? That's how "stacking sats" works.

Yes, well. Today I've reached the point where I have enough shares that the automatically-generated daily sats are enough to buy one new share per week!


(Actually, I missed the true milestone which was 21 shares = 1029 sats per week)

1,000 free sats per week for life??


1,000 free sats per week for as long as I have at least 21 active shares. But, as previously mentioned, each is active for 180 days, and I'm accruing them faster than they expire, so my reward amount will just continue to snowball until one of two things happens:

  • I decide to withdraw some instead of only buying revenue shares
    • this will be an "and" option and not an "or" because if I run out of shares the sats hose will be shut off
  • or the site goes belly up
    • While technically more likely than me deciding I don't like free sats, this is not something I anticipate happening . They've been around since 2020 and have a 4.4-star TrustPilot rating.

What's next?

The next major milestone will be 1,000 sats per DAY, which is at 143 shares. I don't expect it to take 143 weeks, however, for a few reasons:

  • I already have 22, so with the ones that might expire I'll need ~120
  • I'll keep claiming the faucet and viewing the PTC as I feel like it
  • Every additional share accelerates the rate at which I collect free sats

This last one is really the key here. Since these will snowball, I'll end up getting 1,000 sats every seven days, then every six days, then every 5 days... and so on until the 143rd share after 342 days, which is about 49 weeks.

Here's the spreadsheet I used to calculate these numbers. It starts at 22 shares because I already have those. The formulas start in the second data row (23 shares), and the totals are at the bottom.

So instead of reaching that milestone in 143 weeks (which is 2.7 years) I'll reach it in about a year!

(If the site sticks around, obviously.)

But wait, there's more!

That's if I don't claim any more PTC or the faucet which gives me up to 4 sats every 15 minutes. In reality, I'll be doing those things so this will be faster. But I'm not sure by how much because those numbers are less constant. I can say this, though: between buying share #21 and share #22 there were only 6 days, not the 7 that it would have taken without those things, so during those six days I earned at least one day's worth (or 147 sats at that point). My daily participation in these things will fluctuate, however, so who knows what kind of impact it will have.

So if Publish0x is still around when I get 143 shares, I'll see you guys then to celebrate the next milestone!

Check out some of my other favorites and faucets for more ways to earn free stuff!

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