The Sandbox - Smurf NFT Giveaway - Land owners only
Photo by Yvette Fang

The Sandbox - Smurf NFT Giveaway - Land owners only

Those of you lucky enough to have grabbed some LAND in The Sandbox as of the 12th December 1PM (GMT) are entitled to claim your free Smurf NFT today.

The team took a snapshot of all LAND owners on the date and time given above. If you bought LAND from another person via private transfer or other means such as Opensea you won't be able to claim the NFT.

If you check out for all above then you can simply head to The Sandbox's official site below to claim your free NFT.

If you'd rather check for yourself then please see their official Medium article here with all the info.

Once you head to the above link you can then sign in using the method you normally use to sign in and purchase the LAND. For me I bought via Metamask so once landing on the above link I could then see the below screen, hit claim then the usual steps to pay ETH gas fees. I did question on the Sandbox Telegram if there's a time limit but no confirmation. 

As you can see the "Smiling Smurf" is rated as common and 20,000 copies so if they do confirm you can wait a bit of time I'd say it may be worth waiting to pay less Eth fees as right now (09:41 GMT) gwei is currently 60 for standard transaction.

If you would like to join The Sandbox and be part of the Metaverse and possibly acquire remaining land in the final general on sale then please use my referral link.
Smurf NFT on The Sandbox website

Once claimed and the transaction has gone through you should soon after see the Smiling Smurf in your inventory! 


(Screenshots above taken from The Sandbox website )

You can already see a few others have claimed and listing on OpenSea. With 20,000 copies surprisingly quite high listing prices although it is OpenSea, I'd suspect that would go down more once others start to claim and list but NFT's can surprise us all. 

The Sandbox:
Own land, develop your own game and characters.

Signup and get 10% commission kickback.

Coinbase Earn invites:
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