Binance Launchpool - Swipe SXP / Venus XVS my journey so far, part 2

Binance Launchpool - Swipe SXP / Venus XVS my journey so far, part 2

So we're now 18 days in to the 30 day period for the Venus XVS launch pool on Binance.

Users have the option to stake either of the 3 options below:

Min stake 0.1 
3,600,000 XVS in rewards (60%)

Min stake 0.1
600,000 XVS in rewards (10%)

Min stake 0.1
1,800,000 XVS in rewards (30%)

I have chosen to stake primarily SXP as in Part 1 of my posts on this "series". I have also staked small amounts of BUSD & BNB whilst selling the XVS for BUSD or converting smaller amounts to BNB just to pick up some small amounts.

So far I've accumulated below:

BNB Pool - 1.3055 XVS
BUSD Pool - 0.0034 XVS
SXP Pool -26.7311 XVS

I won't go into details on how much I've sold for as I don't intend for these posts to come across as shilling and I don't wish to expose so much online. I will say though I've been checking every hour or so and selling the XVS for BUSD which has given me more room to explore Binance and learnt some tips on the way to get extra. 

Right now with 11 days 11hrs remaining the APY has picked up dramatically on the SXP today. Yesterday around 50-60% APY to now around 90-100% APY of course this could easily go down within minutes. I will continue to stake and see where I am each day but so far the process has worked quite well as a little bit of extra on the side.

SXP has dropped a little in price since my original purchase so hope to see that pick up which in the last 24hr has gone up +3% & +1.3% in the last hour according to Coingecko. Could be related to this news which I'm sure someone else may write a post about. 

Current APY while writing this are:
BNB - 29.47% APY
BUSD - 11.95% APY
SXP - 90.43% APY 

Of course if you're new to this please don't take this as advice, prices can fluctuate so easily and I'm by far in no means able to give "sound" advice. Just my experience so far. 

Update: If you wish to check potential earnings for yourself have a look at the calculator for the Venus pool.

I hope to see some more interesting pools on Binance soon, for now I'll wait this pool out and see from there. 

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