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By Zeshiikhan | Zeeshan Ali | 23 Nov 2020

Site: is a platform where you can earn money by publishing your articles and commenting/liking articles.The site I'm talking about is just like Publish0x where I'm present.


  • To register on read cash site,you have to provide just your email and password.When it's done,then make your profile later or instant.Give a unique name along with profile photo.That's all about registration.

Write Articles:

To work on the site,you don't have to be a registered author.You should have ability to write perfect and informative articles.

  • "Click at menu button,you will get different options.Click on "write an article" and start writing".
  • First of all,give your article a title then write article below the title.
  • Use images to explain your article.These images should be related to the article you are writing.

At the end,before publishing,you have to add a thumbnail when you will click on publish button.


If you comment on someone's article or like it,you can earn money too.But it's totally depend on the author whether he upvotes your comment or not.Sometimes,author upvotes 0.01$.


A random rewarder will upvote your article.He can give you money by quality of your article.You can earn more than 5$ per article if the content is fresh.Usually,you get upto 1$ per article.


You can withdraw your earnings in every cryptocurrencies.Almost all are available there

Minimum amount to withdraw is 0.5$

To payout,just click on "send my money" ....

Give your crypto address and write amount you have earned.The payment will be instantly drafted to your wallet.


If you have any question,you can ask me ..!


Thank You !!!! 


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Zeeshan Ali
Zeeshan Ali

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