When I got First Order of $175 at Freelancer Site

By Zeshiikhan | Zeeshan Ali | 24 Nov 2020

I registered on freelancer and made a high profile.During warly days,I couldn't understand the phenomenon but with the passage of time,I was used of ways to earn.

Actually,the method is simple but maturism.We just have to apply a smart effect on the employers.They look through our profile and hire us.I made a best profile and all the thing varified.They were inspired of my profile.

Actually,my field was about data entry and this suits me the best.The smart way to get first order is to place a typical bid.I did it.

I was given a project.In this project,I had to type some jpg images into word files which is docx.The main problem which beginers find,is security fee.They mostly demand upto 18 Dollars security fee which is refundable but some beginers fail to submit due to lack of their incom.I choose the smartest way and make myself satisfied.And I paid the fee.

In that project,I was given 4 day to tyoe 25 images.It was easy for me because I'm expert in typing.The main purpose of this article is just to teach the smartest ways to get projects.

Sometimes,freelancers make a big mistake in choosing their job catogary.They can do the one best but choose the type which they cannot do good enough.The main problem is choosing the field.Here,we fail.

In my case,I made a high level profile,made the employers satisfied and got my fruit.That's not enough.The thing,I wanna teach you is choosing the best job regarding to your mind set.Take a best way to go forward not the shortest hard one.

Moreover,some people take projects at rhe behalf of money.It's not wisdom.Take the projects which will give you more experience.If you are doing more work than salary,it's not bad in case if you're having great income but not having good experience.


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I'm student and belong to a poor family.

Zeeshan Ali
Zeeshan Ali

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