What I feel?

By Zeshiikhan | Zeeshan Ali | 21 Feb 2021

I feel that the world is changing.It seems that it'll be no more with the happiness from now or later soon.I feel that we are being apart from our own relations.I feel that our minds are changed.Why do we not focus on our goals.Why we are wasting our time to useless screens.I'm feelin' that the technology is crashing us.Our eyes are burnt into it.Our ears are boomed in it.Our body is wrecked.

I feel that the taste of labour has gone.Tatse is just a word so far.I feel that world is against the own nature.We are changed.I feel that technology is increasing as number of people increasing but not food.Pooverty is still.Awareness is no more.I feel that they are crying.The poor young boys.They are crying for the drop os poison created hy us.The poiaon that we use always.Mobile phones.

I feel our old are alone now.We have mates in our hands(phones).Our relations are being far.I feel I should forget it but can't.It's against my nature law now.But wish that not forever.

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I'm student and belong to a poor family.

Zeeshan Ali
Zeeshan Ali

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