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By Zeshiikhan | Zeeshan Ali | 21 Nov 2020

Upwork is an online platform where Millions of people are working.If one has an ability to work something like photoshop,article writing,web hosting/development,video editing or anything related to this,can earn upto 100$ per work.

There are three levels for sellers.Sellers mean servicers who have ability to work there.

The first catogary is "Entry level" who know a little about there work .Mean,they don't have any experience about it but they are able to work.They are usually offered upto 30$ per work.

Second one is "Intermediate" level.Intermediate level need a little experience related to your job like photoshop.The experuence mean that you have worked on their site,Upwork.com.They usually offer more than 50$ per work.

The last level is "Expert".Expert mean you have to know all about your job with more than one year work experience.Expert level is given by the site when you are experienced.Usually expert level jobs are for long term and earning is random.You can earn upto 1000$ if you are expert.

What we have to do?

We have to register an account at upwork.com.Make a profile which suits your level and intrests.Wait 24hours after registration because your profile will be reviewed.After 24 hour a confirmation will be received if your are approved or not.You can work there if approved only.

At homepage,a lot of jobs are offered aong with level.Select your level job and contact to the buyer.If he finds you able ,he will ask tondo it.Do you job with honesty and earn your reward...



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Zeeshan Ali
Zeeshan Ali

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