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Converting TLM to WAX (Alien Worlds)

By zanmanbob | zanmanbob | 8 May 2021


                                          Converting TLM to WAX

The best way to start building up your mining efficiently is by buying mining tools on the Atomic Store but if your on a budget its a bit tricky to do so the best way to do it is using the Alcor Exchange. It can be a bit over whelming using it at the start if your not use to most exchanges. Firstly there is the swap which is simple to use and is recommended for beginners.

Alchor swap:

Just log into your WAX account and select the amount of TLM you wish to sell and swap it for WAX.

Alcor Swap 

using the Swap will cost CPU if you don't want to pay in WAX make sure you have some CPU to spare.


Alchor Market:

This is for more seasoned traders here you can see the buy and sell orders and decide if you want to put in a sell order at a higher price if you believe it will go up but these are not filled instantly and may take some time to fill. You can also set up buy orders if you want to play the markets a bit to maximise TLM earnings.

alcor market


As you can see for above it costs CPU to complete the transaction. The Green on the left is the buy orders for TLM while the Red is the sell orders to fill the buy order and sell your TLM enter the far left green numbers(in this case 2.15) into the sell TLM>Price WAX field then the amount of TLM you wish to sell. 

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