Sirwin blockchain releases soon!!!

By Samurai_Zakk | Zachery Bradshaw | 11 Jan 2022

Tron has been a favorite of mine (besides the scammers flooding their blockchain) since the start of DeFi. Some of you may remember the TRX/SUN genesis mining event. Some of you may never have heard of Justlend or Justswap. Well now in a matter of months (March 31st) the blockchain releases. Everytime does a burn its a huge success IMO. Later this month (January 19th) releases their NFT marketplace!!! If you haven't heard of DVK, (the devikins NFT crypto game) I would seriously check it out and DYOR. As you all may know crypto is on sale right now and it's the perfect time to buy (NFA). NFT gaming is catching on in huge ways. The game has already sold more than 3.5 million (USD) is character sales. The game hasn't even came out yet and is still Beta testing. If you have Twitter definitely follow the game and Dio_ianakiara. Ethereum will definitely have a run for its money very soon. I mean c'mon who likes the gas fees on ETH? Well if there's a will, there's a way, and's team has a very strong will. I would recommend them over ALL meme coins and I put ALL my faith into their hands. You can stake KLV for 8% right now and DVK is 12% now (I think). I have mine staking at 16% because I got in on the burn event. I burned $100 USD worth of KLV roughly and it's around $300 roughly. Plus I got a rare NFT. Don't miss out on this next gen RPG!!! 

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Just a crypto hobbyist tired of scams...

Zachery Bradshaw
Zachery Bradshaw

I have more crypto experience than most. I've been studying/earning BTC since April 2012. I have earned money with TRX since the start of DeFi. KLV and DVK are my new favs!!!

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