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Top Cryptocurrency To Invest In For 2021 With Fundamental Analysis (Not Bitcoin).

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 15 Nov 2021

This article is only for those people who want to invest for the long term in the good fundamentals of Cryptocurrency. 

Those people who want insane 30x - 40x using a pump and dump scheme please leave, this article is not for you.



Top Cryptocurrency to invest in 2021


1. Ethereum :


I am bullish in Ethereum coin cause if you see from the last year Nov 2020 It was around 400$ and now if you see then rate mindblown 4683$, literally more than 500% returns.

If you see the coin market cap it is in the 2nd position after bitcoin and with a huge amount of transactions happening worldwide.

The main reason for using Ethereum is it has something called Smart Contracts which means contracts that are smart, they are programmed in a way that they execute and control the events and actions according to the terms and conditions of the Contract. It is a program stored on the blockchain. 

As this is not available on Bitcoin it became a huge coin after bitcoin.

Also, most of NFTs are based on Entereum, by seeing the boom in the market of NFT that's the reason Ethereum is also growing.


Currently, it works on the Proof of Work model, so due to that the main problem faced by all of us is that they have huge gas fees. Seriously around 30-40$ gas fees which are not economical for people like us.

To solve this problem Ethereum is coming with an upgraded version of ETH called Ethereum 2.0.

So what's new in this? As old ETH was running on Proof of Work, here new ETH 2.0 will be running on the Proof of Stake model.

This means the number of transactions will be much faster and the transaction value of ETH will be reduced significantly.

It is yet to Launch Officially and come in the whole action. But what they started is that they are allowing us to become a validator to become that we will require about 32 ETH {Pretty High}. In this way, we can stake the ethereum and gain some profits.

Overall ETH has some good fundamentals and good future projects so it will not stop growing anytime sooner.



2. Solana (SOL)


The second coin would be Solana, man I just love Solana what an amazing growth it has had from the last few months. Those who have invested earlier sure would be happy seeing the gains made.

It is currently trading around 200$ just in 2 months you see the great jump. It has become the top 5th coin in the Blockchain network.

A lot of NFT is based on Solana. Solana is trying to capture NFT market transactions as It is based on the Proof Of stake model and not Proof Of Work making the transaction fees negligible and time is taken for the transaction is very less.

Transaction taken to verify the blocks is very less which is nearly about 5 - 7 seconds and fees are nearly 0.000001 SOL. A good advantage to crypto traders.


Due to the sudden rise in SOLANA, many people are staking their coins to make a return on investment.

Future projects of Solana like Working on Proof of History model in which it can do about 50,000 per second which is instance compared to ethereum and this is gonna be revolutionizing and I am very positive about this coin in the future

Solana Based project called Solana art where NFT based on Solana are being sold and bought. Huge traffic is coming to Solana due to the fewer fees and time.

If you want to keep then keep it for a very long time and more future projects are coming on Solana.


Third but not least



3. BNB Binance coin.


Binance is been them for a very long time which is why now they have become so popular among the crypto market. Due to this launching, their coins were an awesome thing to do.

It is the most stable coin in the market and a huge good return for long-term investment. A lot of people keep some amount of shares in BNB coins.

It is the top 3rd coin in the crypto market currently trading at $648.

If you see the chart it was $40 last year and now seeing where it is you see the potential it has. Also, the reason for the growth is Binance is a pretty big platform for exchange and BNB coin is used in Binance Exchange. BNB token is now made on Binance Network.

The current supply is around 166 million BNB and MarketCap of $ 108 billion.




All of the above coins got good fundamentals and are a good choice to invest in the long term. All coins have great future plans for developing more about their products, Till then just HODL dear.

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*Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy. This article is just for educational purposes and do your own research before investing.

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