How to earn passive income from Staking your crypto currency

Passive Income with Crypto $SOL, $AMPL $ETH Staking [ Beginner Guide ]

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 7 Nov 2021

One of the common way to earn some good returns on your current crypto is staking. It is an awesome way to generate your passive income without any hassle.
Earlier we could earn money through mining the bitcoin and etherium but now due to high demand and high transaction we just cant mine any more. It required much very much power to operate. Also need very costly and high end GPU and CPUs. It simply not feasible to start mining now a days. Return on investment take months to get so new model called Proof of Stake has been invented to earn some passive income.



What is Proof of Stake
Proof–of–Stake (PoS) – BitcoinWiki

Well basically you just deposit a certain amount of crypto in the wallet or their network.

Now these are your stake cause to stored at one place. Then the following company can provide us Annual return on the stake which may range from 6-14% anually.

Recently Etherium is also changing their model from proof of work to proof of stake seeing the advantages of it.


How to Stake:

Etherium 2.0 : 

Ethereum 2.0: What the Next Three Years of Ethereum Will Look Like - SFOX

To stake Etherium on Blockchain you need minimum around 32 Eth to become a validator then you can able to store your coins and earn rewards. Visit Official Ehterium site to learn more about Etherium 2.0




Solana: After 450% rally in a month, does this 'superfast' crypto have more  steam left? - The Economic Times

Solana can also be staked, it doesnt requires minimum about to  become a validator so its a bit easy to stake your crypto in staking pool. Use a wallet which supports Solana to stake. Visit Solana website to check requirements to stake.


Cardano :

Cardano Community (@Cardano) | Twitter

You can also earn rewards through cardano by staking in pools also can create their own pool.

Rewards :
Some rewards you can get like
Additional tokens, voting rights, grow you holding etc

Note: Crypto are very volatile and most coins staking have lock in period invest after good research in these.


This is not an buying recommendation only for education purposes. Do your own research.


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