Fastest growing crypto currency better buy this at early stage

Fastest Growing Crypto In Market. Next big Crypto Currency After Bitcoin ? Long Term Investment {UPDATED 2021}

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 5 Nov 2021

Welcome again friends,


Have to missed your chance to buy Bitcoin at early stage, oh that must hurt. 


Yet while you are thinking you also missed another boat buying etherium. So now read carefully and don't miss this chance to next big hit.

So we are here to talk about "SOLANA" CryptoCurrecny.

Solana (SOL) Hits A New All-Time High of $250 Flipping Cardano (ADA) for  the Fourth Spot



There are the things you should know before investing.


So it basically the block chain platform for decentralized apps and open source project by Geneva.


The difference between this and others coin is it has something called Proof of History model of working. We all knew what Proof of Stake is which is

used by many other coins also etherium.


So right now with these Proof Of History SOLANA can do transaction up-to 50000 per second. Which is not even near to the other coins not etherium

nor anything. It is so ahead of other coins which give advantage to use this coins in future and many people are shifting their token on this platform.


Proof of History in layman words is it basically records your transaction History and saves it so when next time you do transaction it reduce the amount

of load and time while creating the blocks.


All these doing without compromising the security which makes it stand different than others.

Since Last year the coin has gone up by 4000% and continuously growing.


Problems with other COINS are:


The proof of work model and proof of stake model are take much more time to do transaction.

Also the energy required to do transaction are much more so it is not good for environment.

Etherium gas fess are so high that traders cant afford such big rates for the small amounts of profits which cause an disadvantage to it.

Gas fees are almost 100 - 150 dollars per transaction.

But new ETHERIUM 2.0 is coming so stay updated. It will reduce the fees so also keep on eye on that.


My suggestion will keep these coin in your wallet for long term. Invest a good amount and keep for long term and don't worry


So these new etherium killer coin is in the market keep on eye on this and do your research before investing.

I will keep updated on new coins like that till then.



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