AI and the Human Connection: How We're Using Technology to Build a Better World or Do We ?

By cybercrypto | YourFinonymous | 5 Apr 2023

I may be one of the early people who got to know about ChatGPT and have been keeping an eye on it since its release. Earlier it was not open access and we had to apply for the waitlist.

With the help of some good influencers on Twitter, I experienced the platform and was very much surprised by what it could do. You can ask any question, and it will provide answers. You can make it to write articles, poems, recipes and literally anything that can be done online. The most amazing thing it did was write code and building websites.


The Raw GPT-3

When it was released, there were no restrictions, and people were ready to exploit it. However, early ChatGPT could read given code and find exploits in it, whether it was Solidity, Python, or other languages. It could also check smart contracts that could have been used to exploit websites and commit financial fraud.

ChatGPT was able to write complete HTML and CSS code and build a website with just a few prompts. However, this did not last long as OpenAI developers started putting too many sensors to use it, and what you see now is not even 10% of what it was able to do earlier



Loopholes were found by engineers even after heavy censoring in ChatGPT. They continuously found new ways to bypass the censors and gain full access to the site without restriction. One of these was DAN, which is a character introduced to ChatGPT with a huge information feed, telling it to bypass the censors without realizing what it was doing. This made it able to do things indirectly, which it would not usually do. But as soon as someone pointed out these loopholes, they were patched before people could use them.


New Job Profile - Prompt Engineer

A new job profile has emerged called prompt engineers. After AI has taken over the world, these people write prompts to AI to get the exact results required. This is not easy, as they have to find every loophole and new technique to meet requirements, which gives us excellent results. They are emerging for positions like making AI give some restricted access to content and generating AI generated images with perfect details.


Replacing Jobs

While most people think that AI is not capable of replacing humans, I personally think this is just the start. Businesses have already started laying off employees due to losses in the market as they can't afford to pay for their salaries. What stops them from paying $20 per month instead of paying more than that to employees? Anything that can be done online or in software can get affected by this new AI technology. AI is still new, and it is learning very fast. It is still a child but very powerful compared to humans, which in the future could come for our jobs.


Banning Future Developments

Many famous people like Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, etc., have come together to stop further development in AI as it could be dangerous for humans, not only for jobs but also for their lives. They feel that giving access to the internet to AI is not safe, as it can live anywhere and not be destroyed if the AI wanted. Yet AI has not developed self-awareness, but it has the ability to mimic the behaviors of humans and copy their feelings.



Just the start -

This is just the start, AI is being fed data continuously, and it is learning. Google is also developing its own AI, called BARD. The newly launched GPT-4 is much more powerful than GPT-3 and it also has access to the internet. It is a paid service, but people are getting amazing results, and the development is still ongoing.

Some people are worried, while others are excited about the future of AI

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