3 fact that every crypto trader should learn

3 fact that every crypto trader should learn

By Cryptobreakfast1 | Yourfinadv | 16 Feb 2020

1 - don't waste a single penny

This advice is the most important of the three! Every investor know that money lost in present is equal to more money lost in future. This was Warren Buffet lifestyle and still it is, that made him the Omaha's oracle!

Who are you to waste money ?

2 - don't feed the "beast"

Every time you execute a single or multiple trades you pay fees and feeding the exchange bags. Many traders complains about price manipulation, plus the fact that stop loss are reached and like a sniper price flips his trend and yada yada yada...

Guess what (chapter 1)

When you have a large amount of money you can manipulate the price to make your leveraged position green.

Guess what (chapter 2) 

If you are an exchange, offering  leveraged trades, and everyone is positioned long you can't pay back their profit. But you have a great weapon in your hands. Dump your customers bags on your customers liquidating their positions.

Guess what (chapter 3)

You (the exchange) make money when your customer's position get liquidated and with the stop loss. It's a win/win game! Basically like playing poker and you can see your opponents card.

3 - use decentralized exchange

Decentralized exchange are very unpopular due to liquidity and the fact that aren't cheap... But pay attention security isn't free, and the fees goes straight to the miners. 

Maybe isn't the most efficient way to trade but efficiency will comes with time.


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