NFTs for Kids: The PERFECT Christmas present

By JKrage | You Rock Life | 16 Dec 2021

Wait, what? Give an NFT to a kid? Hear me out.

NFTs are literally gifts that keep on giving.

1) There is something for everyone — every interest, taste and style.

2) They are potential investments. That quirky slug-like PFP might actually increase in value over the coming months or years. It’s a fun prospect.

3) They are educational. Knowing that they have a gift that can only be accessed on the internet, or via a wallet, or that is on a blockchain, opens up a world of questions to be investigated. Depending on the age of the recipient, this could be very simple, or increasingly complex and nuanced. NFTs are a brilliant way into conversations about technology, art, markets, finances — all in a very accessible way.

4) They are perfect for last minute Christmas shopping — no waiting in lines, no delayed shipping. They are transferred virtually instantly — you could even sit down with the kids on Christmas day and have them choose their own, then send it directly to their wallet! (*Setting up a wallet will require some parental assistance and a few extra minutes.)

So if you’ve left it to the last minute, have a tricky ‘customer’ that you’re shopping for, or excited to introduce family and friends to the crypto-space, I’ve got some suggestions on where to start:


For the dinosaur fanPixelSaurusNFT

A ‘Rex’ PixelSaurusNFT


What’s great about this is that it is a father-son project. Sebastian (dad) does the tech, and Jacob (8) creates the art and the backstory for each ‘Saur. Have a browse and choose which one you’ll adopt!


For the robot fanAfroDroids

An Afrodroid by Owo with Chieftancy Cap and Low Battery Screen


Created by acclaimed Afrofuturist artist Owo, this collection of characterful robots has built a vibrant community on Discord, and donates a portion of proceeds to the Dream Catchers Academy for Girls Charity PLUS includes access to a 3D rigged model, interactive 3D/AR model, and AR filter for Instagram.


For fans of Doctor Who & The Teletubbies: Underneath the Skin

“Hot Chip” from the Underneath the Skin collection

Underneath the Skin

This collection celebrates iconic characters from TV shows (the Cyberman, Tinky Winky), plus has an intriguing back story; the collection was created by the actor who performed all these roles.


For the sea-loverMighty Manateez

Mighy Manateez with aviators and Police hat!

Mighty Manateez

Super cute, super affordable (for the moment), and fundraising for a good cause. The Mighty Manateez project uses 10% of the funds from sales to adopt manatees via the Save the Manatees Organisation.


For the bird-loverOOOOL’s

OOOOl’s Burrowing Owl on NYC License Plate


This ever-growing collection of brightly coloured owls is by the mysterious artist NiteOwl and features different types of owls (Burrowing, Great Horned, etc.) on a variety of eye-popping backgrounds. If you collect one, you also unlock access to a hi-res .PSD file to print out or even to create your own derivatives!


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