An NFT Christmas: Gifts for the Sci-Fi fan

By JKrage | You Rock Life | 16 Dec 2021

What could be better for ANY sci-fi fan than a piece of virtual art that can travel in their digital watch, survive for all time, and accrue value overnight?

NFTs are literally gifts that keep on giving.

1) There is something for everyone — every interest, taste and style.

2) They are potential investments. That weird Klingon-Lannik hybrid PFP might actually increase in value over the coming months or years. It’s certainly more likely than that mug or t-shirt you were thinking about.

3) They are educational. Know someone on the fence about NFTs? No better way to get them into the space than giving them some virtual chips to play with — especially if they know that they’ll need to set up a wallet to receive the NFT.

4) They are perfect for last minute Christmas shopping — no waiting in lines, no delayed shipping. They are transferred virtually instantly — you could even sit down with a friend on Christmas day and have them choose their own, then send it directly to their wallet!

So if you’ve left it to the last minute, have a tricky ‘customer’ that you’re shopping for, or excited to introduce family and friends to the crypto-space, I’ve got some suggestions on where to start:

For the fan of all things AIbitGANs

 One of the PodGANS — AI generated ‘creatures’


Pindar Van Arman is an who artist to started to use AI-driven robots to act as ‘assistants’ in his studio — doing the preparatory painting, initial sketches, etc. (yes, it’s true). But the AI’s became increasingly sophisticated. The ‘GANS were born when Pindar discovered that his robots were starting to produce their own artworks (according to the lore). Pindar also creates some pretty intense puzzles in his Discord, with the solver often winning a free ‘GAN.


For the robot fanAfroDroids

An Afrodroid by Owo with Chieftancy Cap and Low Battery Screen


Created by acclaimed Afrofuturist artist Owo, this collection of characterful robots has built a vibrant community on Discord, and donates a portion of proceeds to the Dream Catchers Academy for Girls Charity ($500k to date) PLUS you get a 3D rigged model, interactive 3D/AR model, and AR filter for Instagram.


For the Doctor Who fanHot Chip

“Hot Chip” from the Underneath the Skin collection

Hot Chip

Do not ‘delete, delete, delete’ this one from your list! The artist behind the work is also the actor who performed the Cyberman is Series 8 of the epic and iconic TV show. Guess it was hot in that suit!



For the cybernetics fanThe Project URS

One of the URS. Click here to see them in action!

The Project URS (pronounced ‘yours’)

10,000 biological robots implanted with human DNA designed to scavenge a post-apocalyptic landscape on behalf of humans. Gross-cute, quirky, and with a fascinating backstory. (Check out the link, as the still image doesn’t do the animation justice.)
Oh, and they are 3D-rigged and metaverse ready. What more could you ask?



For the generative art/digital music/pure code lover0xDEAFBEEF

Still from Token Id: 137 Series 2 — Transmission


Music with accompanying visuals produced only via Linux, Emacs text editor and a C compiler! And DeafBeef is experimenting with different levels of interactivity including being able to ‘play’ the NFTs to produce unique audio sequences. Not for Luddites.


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