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What’s Old Is New Again

By CC1370 | You Must Be This Tall... | 19 Aug 2020

It may be 2020 but vintage is very “on trend” right now. I think this year in particular with folks being home more, there is something about going back to a simpler time that has become a necessary escape from reality.

Another byproduct of being home more, is the inevitable task of looking around one’s surroundings and feeling the need for change and downsizing. For many, that means clearing out forgotten rooms, boxes in the garage and if brave enough, the removal of some pieces of the husband’s man cave without him knowing.

But now that you’ve done that, now what?

The old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been more true than now!people are buying up vintage items like crazy. Whether it be on or offline, things are selling and selling big.

Back in the pre-tech days we all know it was all about having a weekend tag sale or grabbing a booth at a local flea market. (I never did find anyone who actually sold fleas!) Those were pretty much your only options for making money other than selling to consignment shops. While all of that is having a rebirth, (even with COVID-19), there are tons of online options now to help you get rid of that singing billy bass fish that you gave your dad years ago, but that somehow ended up in your basement.

EBay will always be the number one platform and is right now having a massive resurgence of new users. They are in the process of celebrating their 25th anniversary year of operation which shows they are really not going anytime soon. I personally started with them 21 years ago in their early days and got real good real fast. It was a lot easier to sell then because it wasn’t has popular as it is today. Not to say it’s not still easy to sell, It is. There just weren’t as many users so your items had a chance of standing out a bit more. In fact, I became so proficient in it, I actually gave a class in how to sell on the platform at a Fortune 500 company when eBay was still looking to start integrating B2B sellers into the mix. 

Other sites/apps have since emerged and now there is pretty much a site for every demographic. It’s a big trial and error process for some but once you find the one that works for you, you can really do well.

One place that is emerging as a true player in online selling is Instagram. I belong to a wonderful community of vintage resellers many who flip their inventory faster than they can get it in. There is of course some balance where some sellers are not as lucky and still trying to find their way around this new way of selling. But whether you choose to sell on there or not, the people who are on there are supportive, friendly and we have some fun too!

We help each other gain followers with hashtag games or post/story mentions, there are group sales, chats, etc. It is unlike any other selling experience I have ever had. Instead of constant competition, we recommend each other businesses to others. Trade tips and tricks, photo and shipping hacks and if someone finds a piece they can’t identity, we all pitch in to help out. It’s a great place I’m proud to be a part of.

One last thing (for now) on selling vintage...the memories it brings back are awesome. Say you are on Instagram  just scrolling through your feed. Chances are you will stumble on a post from another seller who is showing off their latest find and it turns out to be your favorite toy from many years ago. Stuff like this happens all the time and it’s awesome.

I hope this has given you at least some inspiration to begin to look at your unwanted items as potential money makers. I will be posting more about my own journey into vintage selling, in my case right now, all jewelry, as well as other vintage tips (don’t throw out the broken jewelry! Sell it!!) and hope you will follow me for more on this and other subjects as well. Thanks for checking out my first post!


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You Must Be This Tall...
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