Never forget.

Remember the Day - Honor the Lost

By CC1370 | You Must Be This Tall... | 11 Sep 2020

While not along the lines of a usual post for me, today is always a tough day for me and for so many.

I wrote the words in the graphic below two  years ago and I’ve been sharing it across all of my accounts because I truly believe that it remains as true today as it did back then. It shouldn’t take another major incident to bring us together again. We should be better than that. Let us honor those who we lost that day and those we continue to lose because of illnesses because of that day. May we all find peace and may we all once again, come together. 


#neverforget #911neverforget
#honorthelost #letsroll


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You Must Be This Tall...
You Must Be This Tall...

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