Rediscovering The Lost Art of Holding

Since when did it become a thing to NOT long-term hold a solid bag of good-quality crypto?

Yeah, I get it. Multi-year bear market'n'shit. Kinda loosens those once steel hands.

However, I am still a believer in the long-term hold. Depending on the project, of course.

Pick wisely, store it somewhere safe and get on with enjoying life without staring at Binance charts all day and night.

I picked some of my favorite candidates for long-term holds and put them in a video.

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Crypto FROG
Crypto FROG

I make YouTube videos about all things crypto. I don't take myself too seriously. I DON'T do paid reviews, but I love this GAME! Lover of DeFi, but still attempting to get my head round it.

Miscellaneous Crypto Stuff
Miscellaneous Crypto Stuff

Not DeFi? Not about a particular crypto coin? It will probably be in here. Thanks for the support, you gorgeous people!

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