brz for aesthetics artwork directed by Bianca Pena

"For Aesthetics" - Visualizer

By abstraction4coins | yfa4crypto | 12 Aug 2020

This is a song I dropped a few months ago called "For Aesthetics."


I'm kind of backtracking in my discography here, as this came out before Your Favorite Abstraction! (you can read the post about that EP, here!) but I was thinking about a cashless society when I wrote this song, and talk about it on the hook. Some of the lyrics might invoke images of one using privacy coins like Monero. I've had conversations with friends who think going completely cashless is far off and I'm skeptical that I'll see the full effects of it in my lifetime. Then again, I never thought I would live through a global pandemic - who's to say? The visualizer was directed by Bianca Peña - let me know what ya'll think!

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