Vox Finance - A Promising DeFi Project

Vox Finance - A Promising DeFi Project

By xyzashu | xyzashu | 7 Dec 2020





Yeah, it's already been a couple of months to the launch of Vox Finance. But it has recently attracted my attention and there are good reasons for it :)

While most DeFi platforms specialize in a single aspect of decentralized financing like AMMs & liquidity pools, lending & borrowing, derivative trading or yield maximization; Vox Finance is trying to become a one stop provider of most of these services. According to its co-founder Jure:

Our vision is to connect yield-farming, staking, community governance, lending & borrowing and decentralized swaps all under one common roof - the VOX financial system.



Aside the usual Staking services and Liquidity Pools, last month it also introduced crypto Vaults. Completely aware of the fact that vaults in projects like Pickle Finance & Harvest Finance were attacked and run a high risk of Flash Loan exploits; Vox Finance has taken extra care to secure their smart contracts.




Vox Finance's token VOX is still in its price discovery stage. Yesterday,, it touched its low of $270 after its initial run to about $2300. Although it had a high initial (bonus) inflation of 75 VOX per day, after the 3rd emission cut, it has come down to only 42.75 VOX per day. With current supply of only about 1600 VOX and max supply target of less than 4500 VOX by March 2021; token price seems to be quite under-valued to me. With its market cap below half a million dollar and a 2% token burn on every transfer, I'm inclined to buy some at this price point. Add to it the staking yield of over 200% APY on VOX.


In fact, stable coin pool VOX/USDC has 521% APY which seems very attractive.


Exchange Listings

VOX is already listed on Uniswap & Bilaxy. It seems Centralized Exchanges are already excited about VOX token. 4 days back Hotbit listed VOX with BTC & USDT pairs. Three weeks back when Governance vote was called for CEX listing, 94% voted against this proposal. At that time, Hotbit was asking $24000 as listing fee and now it has done it all for free!




Yes, Vox Finance is based on Vox Populi ...I mean, a democratized community governance. Its governance token is vPopuli, which is distributed to LPs and burned when one withdraw his / her liquidity from the platform.


At the time of writing VOX price has increased by over 30% to reach $375. But if some big CEX lists it or the trade volume and TVL increases, it can go parabolic from here.

  • What do you say?
  • What price point do you think is good to invest in VOX, if you want to invest in it?


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