XYO joins forces with tZERO!

By Hepatic | XYO Coin | 7 Oct 2021

XYO Labs has partnered with tZERO to finally offer XYO stock on a digital trade platform.  Prior to the ERC20 token, then XY Findables offered A+ stock in 2018.  Purchasers could only trade the stock via private transaction mediated by Broadridge and had to negotiate a price.  Thus the prices variable with no real growth potential.  I looked into purchasing these options for a couple of years and hit a wall trying to negotiate a deal.

 Plans to have the stock trading on the tZERO digital platform either Q42021/Q12022 will alleviate these problems and open the stock options to a much wider audience.  This should add another driving force to the potential increase value of the XYO Lab/XYO Foundation.     

As always, this is not financial advise of any kind, just a cool project with a lot of potential.  Check out the Businesswire link below and DYOR.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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I am in my 20th year as a Biology Professor and former custom car/motorcycle builder.

XYO Coin
XYO Coin

I hope to help people understand the utility of this token XYO and possibly other digital assets as time allows.

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