RollerCoin 30 days Experiment Review | Mining BTC, DOGE, ETH for free | What should I mine?

By Kate S | Adventures To The Moon | 23 Sep 2021

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. If you remember one of my previous post, I am here back to give an update of it. However do take note this review is slightly a little more than 30 days, I was quite busy due to my birthday which happened last week. 

Before I go into my finding, let us congrats to everyone who has been playing RollerCoin. Last week, the team has announced that total of 20 BTC has mined out of Rollercoin since 2018, what a great accomplishment. If you are interested to join the game, I welcome you to join the game with me, you can join here and you can earn 1000 FREE Satoshi for using my link.


So let's get back to the finding. 

Finding based from the whole Experiement: 


1. By playing 30 games daily, mainly on Dr. Hamster
  • If your PC level 3, the max hash rate / power  you may obtain is around 170 TH/S  
  • If you PC level 4, the max averagehash rate / power you may obtain is 240 to 279 TH/S

Conclusion: PC level really matters. However if you play purely just 30 games daily, you will not be able to reach PC level 4. 
PC level 4 requires you to win 60 games within 24 hours. I had totally overlooked this. So only at 3 Sep, then I am officially on PC level 4.
It was just coincidence I couldn't play much on 2 sep hahaha. 

Aug 30 to Sep 4

Tip for the game: focus on PC level 4 first
You can check out my second account, to look at the hash rate/ power if you are interested. if you see there is a huge spurge of hashrate / power, it is due to the bonus of their existing campaign.   

2. Consistent Hash Rate / Power

Playing a fixed number of games daily will allow you to see consistent Hash Rate / Power.   Tip for the game: If you have little time, just think of a number of games which you can commit to daily, and stick to it. Because sometime we might be upset if our Hash Rate / Power drops so by setting a number helps to mine consistently :) 
10737e6eb5c088c2e545e8aee744d943a0213569877fdf47f16ce1acf88d77cc.png Extracted from RollerCoin's FAQ   Just to share you all more, in my main account, previously I can reach around 800 TH/S by playing more than 100 ++ games on regularly basis, however because I didnt set a fixed number, there are days, my hashrate/power drops dramatically. So avoid being like me :P hahaha   

3. So how much have I mined? And will I continue? 

Previously I put 50% on RTL and 50% on Doge.  On 24th day, I managed to mine 1 Doge. YEAH~ if my PC level is at level 4 earlier, maybe I can mine 1 doge earlier.  For now, in my second account, I have mined almost 5 doge and 2.76 RTL.  To me, its not too bad, especially I have booster from the Season 1 event.  If I want to transfer doge out of my account, I have to mine 30 doge. If I want to convert my doge into RTL, it depends on the price and conversion rate. And since I have mined some coins, I will just continue with 30 games daily for now.    Also, I cant wait more updates of the game, so I will maintain this account to review and it is 9 more days to go before end of Season 1.     

🔥 What should I mine? 

TBH, if your objective is to be with RollerCoin for long term, you may need to think of how you can obtain miner. One of the current best ways is mine RTL (which you may obtain just by playing the game, which is free) or you purchase RTL with USDT and use it to purchase miner. 

Using my main account as example, you can see my power allocation, network power (which is control by the CoinRoller Coin & they are changeable) and the block rewards. 


Using BTC vs DOGE, despite both of them are allocated to same power, but the rewards are totally different. One of the main reasons is because BTC has been around for very long, it is getting harder to mine. Using ETH vs RLT, you may see similar behavior too.    Even though RLT has more users mining than BTC, it is still easier to mine RLT.   41c4a5110fc4ca7990619f758ce9bd8af8d6c3d57915e1154ed943921ab9fdef.png 5c045ba38ab621f5e2966647c9f3e2893639aec3d6cf271358f41292c8ac5417.png                  So for this game, we need to be more realistic, what is your objective? if you wish to mine BTC, you can focus on it. Maybe 50% on BTC and 50% on RTL, so in future you can use RTL to purchase miners.  And of course, you may use any of BTC, ETH & DOGE to exchange into RTL too. However the rate is depending on the value of the coins themselves too. However I need to highlight that on last week's annoucement, the Rollercoin team has announced that players will be able to mine more than 4 coins soon and we will have another source to profit beside mining only. So let's just relax and enjoy playing the game in the meantime.  If you manage to read till the end, thank you for your interest, it means a lot to me :) And if you wish to join the game after reading this post, I welcome you to join here and you can earn 1000 FREE Satoshi for using my link.


** Disclaimer: This is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice ** 

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