Swapzone - a non-custodial Cryptocurrency Aggregator

Swapzone - a non-custodial Cryptocurrency Aggregator

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 21 Nov 2020


Swapzone is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange data aggregator with an easy-to-use interface. Put differently, it is a gateway between the cryptocurrency community and exchanges. Its primary focus is to provide a secure and convenient service to cryptocurrency traders through aggregating and broadcasting accurate data from different exchanges in real-time.

Therefore, Swapzone enhances data-driven and adaptive exchange strategies, opening up new opportunities in the crypto economy. As a result, individuals and crypto organizations can trade profitably and conveniently.

In the end, traders can browse rates, verification rules, user reviews, and delivery time in gross real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions. Through its interface, Swapzone accesses information from the top ten exchanges, dealing with over 300 cryptocurrencies. Some of Swapzone’s partners include SimpleSwap, Changelly, ChangeNow, CoinSwitch, Exolix, Godex, and StealthEx. Some of these exchanges such as Godex and ChangeNow have fixed rates while others have floating rates.

It is important to note that Swapzone service is custody-free, yet it delivers the best rates to its users. Notably, it achieves this by scanning several crypto exchanges using their APIs.

How it works

Upon receiving a specific swap inquiry from a user, Swapzone sends the information to all its partner exchanges. Consequently, it gathers all the information and presents it on a single page to the inquirer.

Therefore, the platform presents different offers regarding the best rate, fastest transaction time, or best rating. Also, traders can select the type of rates, they favor such as fixed or floating rate. The good thing is that all these activities take place on the same interface.

How to perform a single swap transaction

Performing a swap is very simple. To start, the user selects the pair he/she requires and the amount to exchange. Then, he/she inputs the wallet address, where the specific cryptocurrency should go. Once the individual does that, he/she initiates the order by sending the funds. From that point, one waits for transaction confirmation.

Primary Features

Swapzone boasts of excellent features, which attract many traders such as fixed and floating rates.

Fixed rate: When using the fixed-rate exchange system, the user gets the amount that the selected exchange calculates. However, to get the fixed rate an individual should send the funds within the shortest time possible from the moment of the calculation. The expected time is between 10 and 40 minutes. 

Floating rate: With the floating rate, there is no guaranteed amount. Market forces come into play and determine the final rate. The final rate can be favorable or unfavorable to the trader.

Exchange time parameter: Swapzone shows the expected time for the completion of a transaction. The exchanges do not have the same exchange time. Therefore, one of the trading aspects an individual considers when selecting the exchange to deal with is the transaction time factor.

Service ratings: The ratings are the feedback from other users, particularly the last one. When an individual uses an exchange, he/she makes a review of the experience. The other service reviews come from Trustpilot.

Instant swap: When an individual executes a trade, the transaction takes place instantly as a result of short loading time.

Additional User Benefits

From the above discussion, you can tell several advantages of using Swapzone such as the ability to choose between floating and fixed rates. However, there are other benefits.

Custody-Free: Since Swapzone is a non-custodial exchange aggregator, users do not need to register with the platform. There is no need for completing KYC, yet, they access service from top-rated exchanges. Above this, the Swapzone service is free.

Best deals: Since Swapzone aggregates and broadcasts exchange data, individuals choose the best deal possible based on their priorities. Apart from this, the Swapzone interface is very easy to navigate.


By and large, Swapzone offers an exceptional experience to its users as it deals with top-rated exchanges, enabling traders to swap over 300 cryptocurrencies. It also empowers participants to make individual decisions, as it makes accurate and timely data available to them in real-time. Do you want to quickly exchange some cryptos? Visit Swapzone to try the platform out!


Swapzone has a large community because of the excellent and all-important services it offers. Anyone is free to join its social media platforms.






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