Mycointainer - One Simple Place To Build Crypto Passive Income

Mycointainer - One Simple Place To Build Crypto Passive Income

By xqanxxx | xqanxxx | 10 Jul 2020



How would you live your life if you had worked hard on a scheme that generates a reasonable sum of money each month? I believe things would be much better as you would be able to do most of your desires.

According to Investopedia, Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership, or other enterprises in which a person is not actively involved. From the definition, you literally earn even when you are at sleep. It also made emphases to some other ways one can generate passive income. 

A google search of the phrase "passive income" will display hundreds to thousands of ways to earn passively. However, we are going to focus on how we can generate passive in the crypto space with Mycointainer.

What is Mycointainer?

My-cointainer, as the name suggests, is a platform that acts as a container for your coins. Technically, it's a staking and masternode staking platform that gives users the chance to earn from their crypto holdings. It helps users have access to shared masternodes of a wide range of proof-of-stake assets.. Usually, you need a certain amount of a specific crypto asset in order to run a masternode. Mycointainer makes it possible for small and large token holders to come together and run a masternode on their behalf.

What is a Masternode

In computing, a node could be any device (computer, router, etc)  that plays a key role in maintaining a network. Working similarly to a masternode but with advanced functionalities, a masternode is a crypto wallet that requires a certain amount of an underlying token to serve as collateral (also referred to as stake) in order to function. They usually have a full copy of the blockchain and contribute to the sustainability of the network. 

In addition to the minimum coins required, you need other resources to successfully run a masternode. These may include a Virtual private server (VPS) to ensure your wallet is always online. This is one thing that makes masternode staking different from the regular staking. A storage space - which all VPS have appropriate capacity attached and a dedicated IP address.

How does it work 


With just three simple steps you can start earning on Mycointainer. There are a number of available assets you can choose from and deposit any amount of tokens to the address which will be provided by Mycointainer. The moment your funds get credited, your investment kick starts, and rewards will be sent to your account automatically.

What are the benefits 

Staking on Mycointainer comes with a lot of benefits. They may include:

  • Get access to shared masternode staking for a variety of POS assets
  • Enjoy automated pool staking allowing you to predict your earnings
  • It's cost-effective and saves you from going through the technicalities involved in stacking. eg. Purchasing and setting up a VPS
  • Mycointainer has one the best APR for masternode stacking. Rewards generated are subjected to compound interest allowing you to grow your stake over a longer period.

How much do Mycointainer charges?

According to Mycointainer, they earn when you profit, only generated rewards incur fees. The average fee on Mycointainer is approximately 1.68% and there are a couple of assets that comes with no fee. You earn your full reward.

What asset can I stake?

There are over 50 assets available for staking on Mycointainer. This gives customers the option to choose and earn. Some popular assets include QTUM, DIVI, Rapids, Energi, PivX, Coti, Waves, Stratis, and several others.

Other Interesting Features

Mycointainer is more of a one-stop place for all your crypto investment needs. Below are some of the integrations that will help most users of the platform 

Buy, Sell and Exchange

Mycointainer has integrated an exchange that allows users to acquire crypto of their choice with Bitcoin and bank cards. Even if you don't own any crypto but want to invest, the process has become much simple due to the fact that you can do all these in one place. 

Airdrops, Giveaways & Free Coins

Mycointainer has an airdrop section where users are frequently updated with handpicked airdrop and bounty program, This serves as a means for users to earn crypto for doing simple tasks as the platform is poised to helping people gain financial freedom.

Insight & Education

This initiative is now prevalent in the space, Most of the crypto projects have something of this sort. It more of a portal with crypto-related resources. Users can learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in a much simple and more fun way.

Mycointainer Power Plan 

The Power Plan is an additional service in the form of subscription, where subscribed users enjoy staking without fees and can stake all assets available on the platform. With the power plan, Mycointainer handles maintenance costs, performance, and updates on your behalf.

They have the basic plan which is free, Power Plus which comes with a fee of 3.9 EUR and the Power Max at 8.9 EUR for a single month. Subscribers receive 100% of their rewards generated on both power plans, however, power max comes with extended benefits including supporting the community cause in driving adoption, access to VIP and special offers, etc.

You can access a cost-saving calculator on the platform to know how much you will be saving when you subscribe to a plan. The package is flexible allowing you to cancel your subscription at any time.

Final Thought

Mycointainer is a really nice platform for generating passive income with crypto. I have actually used and still use the platform for staking my Divi coins. I was impressed with the experience I had interacting with the platform for the first time. The platform is users friendly and I believe most people will be able to use the platform for investment. You can access and manage your investment on the web application or mobile application (android & IOS).

Be reminded that, In order to gain the full functionality of the platform, you are required to go through KYC a simple KYC procedure. You can stake without having a verified account, however, you will need to pass KYC to withdraw. The support team is also supportive and will help you throughout the process in case you face any challenges


Do you want to start staking and receive daily rewards? Join Mycointainer 

Get in touch with Mycointainer Website | Twitter | Telegram 


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