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There was a knight's tale, told during a storm, at the light of a candle.
The story begins with an idea: what would it take for so each of the knights can have a voice and a fair share at the table.
One day, one of the knights rose up and destroyed all the tables and chairs in the castle and invited all of his fellow knights to sit down around in a circle.
And this is how the unofficial story of was born


About Lanceria - Who are they?

We are aiming to create a unique platform ecosystem for freelancers and digital artists around the world. As ex-freelancers ourselves, we know the burden of freelancing. Freelancers can focus more on the actual project that they are working on, knowing they are finally free of any type of fees.

Let me tell you the story of who they are... a unique team, founded by experienced freelancers that kept experimenting on all sort of freelancing platforms over the years, and which realized that coming together, under one name with the power of "Excalibur" blockchain, will be able to bind and unite all true freelancers under one roof and one purpose: true Premium Freelancing services, backed up by blockchain power and innovative approach of a team.

Now, let's get back to the real world, and introduce you to the great idea behind the project...



I was really impressed by their 3 main: Why?, Mission, and How?

Because we fight for artists' monetary rights. We are the modern knights. We are Lancerians.

Our mission is to offer freelancers and other artists an ecosystem where their work and value are appreciated.

By creating a unique platform, implementing special services and the use of crypto-currency as a secure, fast and reliable payment method.

But the main reason why I would choose Lanceria's freelancing project for working and developing projects are the big bonuses and rewards, so let me present the main amazing benefits:

  • You will have full control of earnings;
  • Fast, reliable, and secured transactions based on BSC network (there are "whispers" that they will be in future also on Elrond network);
  • No more banking fees (Yeey!);
  • Almost zero to inexistent fees (Isn't that amazing, or what?).

Let me tell you why you should choose a freelancing platform based on blockchain technology:

  • Digital services in exchange for cryptocurrency payments;

Isn't it cool to receive some crypto-currency for your skills?

  • Digital services in exchange for traditional payment methods eg: USD/EUR;

Besides being paid in a crypto-currency or even LANC (the platform's native coin), you will also have the chance to receive payment via traditional fiat methods.

  • Unique multi-chain aggregator;

That is a nice backend technological feature to have.

  • Freelancing payment insurance;

Imagine that your work worth thousands of $ is protected through crypto payment insurance, so you know that you will be paid fairly no matter what.

Let's switch to a more technical and crypto details aspect!

The total supply is mentioned to be  -> 350,000,000

The ticker symbol is -> LANC

The listing price which will go after the pre-sale events -> $0.015USD

Contract Address BSCscan Link ->

Read their: Whitepaper

Read their: Smart Contract Audit Report

Additional Useful Link for your DYOR before investing:

Roadmap ->

Team presentation ->

A nice guide how to add a custom token ->



We talked, discussed, and wrote about freelancing platforms, and blockchain technology, but is there a live DEMO at least?

I have good news, there is, and let me give you a sneak peek of what OR how it will look, but be WARNED!!! - it is only in testing and development.

Here is the testing future premium freelancing platform ->
If you are too lazy to check it, have a look below:


Let me present to you the fundamental features of which are in development (please be aware that some details from the below features could change in the future):

  • Alliance Feature -> Mentoring with badges (Freelancers can create alliances and earn commissions when passing projects to one another). Alliances can be Leveled up and the possibility to gain different perks such as discount coupons that can be offered to employers as an incentive;
  • Smart LANCE X -> Wallet crypto/fiat - Automatic wallet generator for LANC and other partners tokens;
  • Lanceria Light: Sign Up - Easily sign up as a freelancer/employer with your Social Media accounts;
  • Ambassador Guidance - Employers and Freelancers as well can team up as ambassadors and help out others while earning different points and power-ups;
  • Ambassador Consultancy - New freelancers can ask for Ambassador guidance when having technical or profile issues;
  • LANCERIA Learn - Professional Video Courses with Diploma (Udemy Example);
  • LANCER PRO - Easy to use and intuitive platform;
  • LANCER X Digital - These cards can be shared by freelancers and employers;
  • Lanceria Turbo - Freelancers earn points and convert these points to hours of free marketing;
  • Budget Commissions - 1$ to 5$ Fiat / 1% to 2% Crypto;
  • Special Gaming Category - Gamers can easily coach or boost players without the worries of high commissions;
  • Special Film Category - Users with very high skills in this area can take special film jobs that usually equal very good payouts;
  • Community Activities with Rewards Program - Different activities or “events” will take place on our platform, where users can win randomly or rightfully prizes that will surely benefit from;
  • Workflow Tracker - Employer can see the freelancers progress LIVE;
  • Geotax - It detects your location, calculates the taxes you have to pay and it suggests a new price based on your price input so you won’t lose profit;
  • Hybrid Payments - Fiat Payments / Crypto Payments;
  • Meet and Talk - Employer and Freelancer can start a video meeting and discuss work/project;
  • Community Perks & badges;
  • Support Semi Automatization - One of the annoying ecosystem problems is the 90% support dispute automatization and only 10% Human hand. On our end, we prefer 50% Automatization and 50% Human hand that can easily solve the more fragile disputes;
  • Quiz Bizz - Answer questions related to your selected skills upon profile creation and earn a special badge to show off;
  • Self Presentation - You can choose to publish a short video description about yourself. You can earn a special badge and level up your trust with future employers.



GIVE them BIG support and follow their official social media channels

Lanceria Facebook

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Main Official English Telegram Channel

Main Official Announcement Telegram Chanel

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Lanceria Twitter

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Lanceria Discord


In the end:

As a personal note about this project, it is definitely one of my favorite ones, it has a huge potential in a long term.
I will keep you updated from time to time on their amazing development opportunities and I invite you to post your questions below intended for or addressed to Lanceria Team. I will pass all your questions straight to the core team and 100% you will get an answer. This is how amazing they are!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, you can always support me by appreciating through the TIP, Like, or positive comment (or all of them).

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