The Xena Scrolls: Scroll #94: Fallen Angel

By Brandy Seymour | Xena Scrolls | 1 Jul 2021

The Xena Scrolls

Scroll  #94: Fallen Angel

By: Gabrielle Bard of Potedia

March, 44 B.C.

     After death it is said that we either go to the Elysian Fields if we are heroes and champions of the greater good or we find ourselves in the clutches of Tartarus if we are of evil nature.  But I tell of a story so profoundly different than that of our own mythology.  Yes the Gods exist, but are they really the governing power of our vast world of indifference or are they only playing the rest of us for fools?

     Gabrielle found herself upon a mountain of mystical beauty.  There was an aura of tranquility which surrounded her.  She knew that she had died, but where she had gone was unknown to her.  And there beside her on this blissful mountain of paradise was Xena.  It was a comfort to find that they had traveled together through their violent deaths onto this next destination which was to hold many surprises.

     Time did not exist in this place they call heaven beyond earth.  There are no doors to it.  There are no special keys to unlock its mysteries like there are with Mount Olympus.  It just exists.  And so the kindred spirits were together in this strange new world knowing that they still had each other despite the hand of death.  It was almost too good to be true and soon it was.  Beings of light descended down upon them.  There was this infinite feeling of unconditional love illuminating from within the depths of their bright lights.  They had faces and smiles that could pierce through even the deepest darkest fear within one’s soul.  As they touched the kindred spirits of Gabrielle and Xena it was as if light were illuminating from the new arrivals as well.  These angels of peace and tranquility lifted these tattered spirits from the top of this infinite mountain above the clouds as the two radiated their love for one another and then to those who had come to repair them.

     And then it happened.  From fathoms below the mountain and the wisping white mist an army of dark angels attacked from all sides and seemingly all directions.  Their voices were screeching with pain and anguish.  There was hatred and agony screaming from the darkness of their black souls.  The angels of darkness carried swords as the feathers on their wings moulted with each motion.  Horns protruded from their heads as if knives had been thrust through them.  Their eyes were black coals cutting through your heart.  It was like taking a deep wound that would never be able to heal even if the best healer himself administered his best care. 

     As the angels of light battled to hold onto to their sisters the angels of darkness overwhelmed them with their black energy.  The good was outnumbered by its evil counterparts.  And so one of the new spirits dropped from bliss down into the deep dark abyss.  The fall lasted for an eternity.  Gabrielle had been taken from them without warning.  There was nothing that they could do to save her.  And so the soul of the bard was lost and alone in the pit of hell. 

     Hell was like a cold, dark, damp cave.  Water dripped from unknown places and there were constant screams of anguish and pain.  Gabrielle was distraught and afraid in this unknown dark place.  She wondered who all of these lost souls were.  Gabrielle wondered if they had all suffered the same accidental fate.  As she tried to make sense of what had just happened after one eternity her soul was led into another.  Gabrielle’s soul began to ache with hunger.  Then another eternity passed as starvation began to wrack her being.  It was seemingly a physical starvation, but it was really a hungry desperation to be with the One.  This hunger built up within like a burning fire.  It was eternally unbearable, and then one of the damned called Gabrielle’s name.  The voice was seemingly familiar to Gabrielle although it was muffled by its own darkness.  Gabrielle turned to see someone she had known for a very long time.  It was like an old friend only it wasn’t.  The soul that had come to antagonize her was the soul of Callisto.

     Callisto looked just as the other dark angels.  Tormented and broken and she even wreaked of the smell of physical decay.  It was horrifying for this spirit which still contained light to bare witness to this final fate of a familiar foe.  And though Callisto had been a foe to Gabrielle in life she was the only thing familiar for Gabrielle to cling to here in this pit of misery.  Callisto tormented Gabrielle for eternities trying to tempt her with the fruits of hell promising that they would satisfy Gabrielle’s intensely burning hunger.  Gabrielle fought the temptations, but as the pain of separation grew from the One it had become too unbearable for even the soul that had given Xena’s darkness a new light.

     It began upon Callisto’s command to her dark soldiers in this place they called hell.  One hundred times worse than Tartarus could ever be.  They forced the lushious fruit into Gabrielle’s mouth though the bard tried desparately to spit it out.  It was with that which brought the begining of the end for Gabrielle’s soul.  Unable to resist the temptations any longer Gabrielle tore into the vast fruits bathing in their temporary glory.  Yet their short comforts only turned to burnings and desires as evil engulfed Gabrielle’s light turning it to total blackness.  She had been taken by the other side.  Callisto’s dark soul filled with the laughter of Dahok’s wrath only this wasn’t Dahok.  It was another power of uncertain origins.  Callisto basked in her own glory for winning one for the dark side, but even her glee was again replaced by an even stronger hate and blackness. 

     As this process went on in hell Xena had been saved by the beings of the light.  Although Xena had done much evil in her life on earth she had been saved by the light of unconditional love from a stranger who had become her soulmate.  The first step to inducting her into the army of the beings of light was to be purified by the waters of the One.  And because there had been so much darkness trapped within her radiant light the cleansing was painful and Xena almost did not make it back.  After thrashing around in the waters her soul came to a peace and it was at rest.  There was no darkness left only pure genuine love.  Everything that had ever tarnished her had been treated and then released.  It had been ages since the last time the spirit of Xena had felt this way. 

     As she looked around at the light beings who had surrounded her she felt their love and support coming from every infinite direction.  There was no end and no beginning to this love.  It just existed.  They were joyful for she had been saved.  It was a triumphant victory for the light over the darkness.  Xena’s spirit had emerged yet as it looked about there was something missing.  There was one ray of love that was absent from this group of supporters.  The most important being to her was not there.  Xena’s spirit was distraught for it could not fathom the idea that Gabrielle would never be saved.  After all that they had been through in life, and after all Gabrielle had done to save Xena’s spirit from the point of no return in darkness…Xena could not accept this idea.

     The archangel Michael approached her when she had inquired of Gabrielle’s existence.  He was saddened knowing that he could not offer comfort to the spirit of Gabrielle from the darkness which had now been taken by the enemy.  And of course Xena’s first reaction was to save her best friend as she always did in life.  But this time she couldn’t.  In this place she could not play warrior as she had on earth.  Instead it was ordained that she would return back to earth in a new vessel to begin a new life.  But Xena refused to move forward.  She would not go anywhere without Gabrielle.  Michael realizing that Xena’s spirit needed Gabrielle’s to continue its path consulted with the other beings and with the One.  After many ages of debate it was decided that if Xena could pass the trial ordained to her she would be issued the wings she would need to join the battle of archangels.

     Xena accepted the trail and went willingly.  Once again ages went by as the light beings patiently waited and anticipated Xena’s return.  And finally she was triumphant once again and then she was issued her beautiful soft white wings.  Xena’s spirit was now a part of the army of white angels.  It was now ready for battle.  She would not wait and so the angels of light gathered and prepared to do battle with the angels of darkness once again.  Just before engaging into this next battle with the dark side Michael warned Xena of the temptations that would be there beckoning her.  It was said that she was only to save one although she would be compelled to save many others.  This was not the law of the One and so it had to be understood.

     Eternities had gone by for the now dark soul of Gabrielle whose eternal torment would be the company of her evil foe Callisto, and Callisto’s torment would be that of Gabrielle’s hatred for her deeds of death to those whom she had loved in life.  The light of heaven descended down upon the darkness of hell disrupting the confrontation of Gabrielle and Callisto.  Archangels surrounded the soul of a once radiant light wisping it away from the dark soul of Callisto.  Callisto fought to hold onto her catch, but the light was too powerful and her darkness could not overcome it.  Xena’s soul had broken the hold of darkness upon Gabrielle with passion as her angelic wings and vibrant sword charged through the darkness.  As the archangel Xena held darkness back and away from the rest of her army alongside Michael they escaped with Gabrielle into heaven.  Xena continued to fight on and as she fell upon the soul of Callisto in battle her soul was touched within.  As she held the darkness of Callisto’s being with in her grasp something happened.

     Xena looked into the darkness which lie helplessly before her and her light absorbed all of its pain.  It absorbed the hatred and all of the unpleasant feelings it contained.  As Callisto’s darkness vowed never to stop desiring revenge upon a warrior princess whom had once killed her family the soul of the archangel Xena could bear no more.  A tear rolled down her cheek knowing that if it had not been for her own evil in life that Callisto’s spirit would be in heaven just as Gabrielle’s should have always been.  And so with that Xena gave her only gift to the torn soul of Callisto damning herself and releasing an old foe from the clutches of evil and darkness.

     In heaven Gabrielle went through the same process as did Xena.  Her soul was purified and the beings were joyful that she was able to be saved.  She had always been meant to join the archangels for the radiance of her light had always shined brightly.  Michael approached her smiling as he touched her with his light and with love.  Gabrielle’s soul had been rescued from its torment, but with out Xena there to share in the celebration the triumph seemed sour at best.  Michael explained to Gabrielle of Xena’s great loving sacrifice to Callisto.  Sadness engulfed Gabrielle’s spirit knowing that her best friend would not be there if she had not come to save Gabrielle.  As the confused innocent soul of Callisto stood before Gabrielle the bard's soul cringed with left over pain and anger from her relationship with Callisto in life.  Gabrielle turned away from Callisto unable to face her old foe with forgiveness.

      Michael then went on to explain how Xena could never be saved from eternal suffering now that she had taken Callisto’s place.  This led to a new problem.  He foretold of a shift in the powers of good and evil.  Michael spoke of how even in death good and evil were at odds with one another in a constant struggle for control of the universe and its power.  He stated that Xena’s evil was now so powerful that the only way to defeat it would be to lure her into a battle and massacre her demonic soul into pieces.  Gabrielle was again saddened yet she understood the law and accepted it.  There was a reluctance within her soul knowing what she must do.  She had to help Michael and the other archangels to defeat the darkness of the warrior princess.  Gabrielle knew Xena’s soul better than any other.  She knew of the goodness which had sacrificed itself for Callisto and she understood the complex depths of its darkness.  In life Gabrielle had helped Xena’s goodness fight against the darkness which had balanced the warrior.  Gabrielle was certain that she could defeat that darkness again.

     Upon volunteering to join Michael’s legions in heaven she was next sent on a trial.  It was the greatest trial possible.  Upon entering the white cloud she saw there standing before her the soul of Callisto.  It was radiant with light as Callisto smiled sending her love to Gabrielle.  But Gabrielle could not bare to deal with this.  Her spirit was hurting still knowing that Xena was in eternal suffering and that Callisto had been spared.  Not only had Callisto taken Perdicus from her in life, but she had seemingly taken her best friend in death.  Many many moments went by as Gabrielle’s pain flowed from within her soul.  Callisto’s once dark soul was weeping inside to feel the loss which she had inflicted upon the young bard.  Callisto was seeking Gabrielle’s forgiveness. 

      Gabrielle’s soul fought against the idea of forgiveness for many ages for all that it could feel was the pain of losing Perdicus and the memories of Callisto’s life long revenge against Xena.  Callisto was aware of the suffering and the pain yet her memories of life beyond her family were fuzzy at best.  She explained to Gabrielle with eloquence that though the angels and light beings had told her there was no love like the love of the One being she had felt it on earth through her family.  They had given her the impossible in life, and in death she hoped soon to be reunited with their infinite love.  For many long moments Gabrielle refused to feel mercy or forgiveness for Callisto.  She could only see the memory of a darkness and not the presence of the light that Callisto truly was.

     Callisto spoke softly to the confused soul knowing that she may never receive Gabrielle’s forgiveness, but she had to try.  If Callisto did not succeed in releasing Gabrielle from her anger then Gabrielle would not be able to move forward.  Her anger would become an enemy to her in the next life and it would ultimately destroy her soul as Xena had once destroyed the soul of Callisto.  A powerful love flowed from Callisto touching Gabrielle’s heart.  And then Gabrielle understood.  She understood that even when Callisto was hurting in life she had truly loved and admired those that she had made suffer.  Gabrielle’s spirit embraced Callisto for the first time.  And a new partnership was born.

     The two emerged together from the white cloud dust and then Gabrielle was given her wings by the One.  She had earned them and Michael praised her for her courage and her strength.  He then briefed her on the next battle that they were about to go into with the darkness.  Michael explained that Xena would try to persuade Gabrielle to return to the darkness and that she was not to accept.  Gabrielle understood this and so the battle began. 

     There was an irony to it all.  Good v.s. evil and dark v.s. light had been a common theme in the lives of Xena and Gabrielle.  And now in death they were battling each other once again over the same issue.  The angel Gabrielle awaited the arrival of a soul that was once her friend in life.  And when Xena arrived she fought against Xena’s darkness like a champion.  Xena’s face was distraught with emptiness and a suffering starvation.  Gabrielle could feel it and the power of darkness was so strong that even in heaven Gabrielle still felt that hunger and separation though she was aware that it was Xena her soul longed to rejoin.  But even with all of the light that existed within Gabrielle it was no match for the infinite darkness of Xena.   The archangel Gabrielle led Xena high into the heavens above the battle within the gates of heaven knowing that separating the army of darkness from its leader would be an advantage for Michael and the other archangels. 

      Gabrielle fought desperately to distract the darkness of the demonic Xena.  Her soul ached knowing that it had to use Xena’s longing to be with her soul against Xena.  The darkness searched stealthfully and without rest until it consumed Gabrielle again.  Xena’s evil pleaded and begged Gabrielle to join her in eternal hell.  The demon was certain that if it could just have Gabrielle again that the unbearable suffering in the darkness would be less painful.  Gabrielle’s soul broke within knowing that the laws of the universe could never be defeated by an archangel or a single soul alone.  She gathered the strength from within hoping to be able to complete her mission to dissolve Xena’s demon and what was left of Xena’s soul into eternal oblivion.  Gabrielle clashed swords with the demon passionately loving a soul she could never ever hate.  Yet the love within Gabrielle was not strong enough to defeat Xena’s evil.  And so Gabrielle’s wings were broken as she fell from the skies of heaven in the battle of good against evil. 

     Many of the archangels were falling to the power of evil though they fought with such radiance and passion.  The wounded angel whom had fallen from the sky could not muster the strength to rise again.  She was helpless as she watched evil knock down all that was good around her.  As Michael continued to battle on he saw the angel Gabrielle fall .  Then he caught sight of a powerful evil across the battle field as he rushed to aid the fallen angel, but Xena’s dark soul snatched her away from his grasp.  She was to take Gabrielle to hell to join her.  Gabrielle pleaded with Xena not to do it.  She pleaded and searched frantically for just one glimmer of light that might still be within all of the darkness.  With broken wings and spiritual wounds so deep with sorrow Gabrielle prepared her heart for eternal suffering once more.  Suddenly in the next moment she had found that one last ray of hope within the spirit of Xena, but then it was too late as Michael had plunged into the pit of despair alongside Xena and Gabrielle.  As the three fell angels fell together into hell a tiny glimmer of light rescued all.  It was the determination of Xena’s love for Gabrielle as the breath of resurrection came to pass.

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Xena Scrolls
Xena Scrolls

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