The Sunset..

Aditya and Nandini grew up together as friends from a young age. A house in the same neighborhood, the same school, college, a deep friendship. Fello in my mind. But writing the rules, Nandini's marriage did not happen at their home objection. Elsewhere Nandini got married, she went abroad. Aditya Rao took the bus from that neighborhood and went to another place. Even from Aditya. Aditya did not try to find her anymore, lest there be any unrest in Nandini's new world.

Many, many years have passed ..... Nandini has returned to the country, firmly. A few days later, she met an old friend and at his invitation, she appeared in her flat the next Sunday. I was shocked ...... Aditya was also present there. I saw him many years later, so both of them looked at each other, Opal ..... for a very long time .... as if for eternity. The whole day was cut short by laughter, songs, words. At the request of that friend, Nandini agreed to meet him privately on the roof of the flat in the afternoon.

..... on the roof then they were just two, Aditya and Nandini. Very ordinary Nandini 'almost perfect' a woman, her husband, son, daughter with her 'seemingly' happy life. Every step of the way, a man is upset, tired, devastated. In the afternoon, it will be evening, the sun is almost sinking in the western sky, the dim moon in the eastern sky, enchanting all around in the light of enchanting twilight. Aditya fell, he gave all his pain, anguish, unavailability to Nandini. He held Nandini's face in his hands and touched her strong lips on Nandini's lips ........ for the first time in his life !! maybe or the last time only. A few 'moments' but it seemed like eternity. The two of them broke down in tears, all the troubles, frustrations, pride, accusations began to fall in tears, endlessly. The sky was red with joy, the sound of thousands of flutes in the air, the birds began to chirp louder, the moon hid its face in shame. The sun in the western sky is the horizon. She jumped once more before falling down. The new sunrise in Aditya's life, maybe ... maybe or Nandini's too, because today she is really 'perfect', from 'Nandini' she became perfect 'lady'. And Aditya .. ..He got the urge to walk anew on the path of life, the logistics of survival, whose name do you know !!! The name of which is "Love". Two minds that did not give up on time lost their lives today. They became best friends and promised to walk together for the rest of their lives together. 'God' and 'Nature' gave up on 'Love' (maybe or By the will of God). So they changed 'sunset' to 'sunrise' today.

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Shakil Khan Pub
Shakil Khan Pub

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