The girl of class four

The girl of class four is me
I love you
I want you to love me too
If you don't like me - that
I will tell your mother that you
Eat bidi secretly
And listen, if the current goes out now
Why not?
I don't really like you
When you come out and I hide
When I see you, it's a lot of fun
And listen, you're so much with the slum boys
Why go around?
I don't want to see them anymore
And you are like a hand to me
Cut. 😎
I will cut and write my name
I will stand when I go to school.
Sometimes I buy it
I will eat salty murdi at school and you will pay
And you are Sweetie Apur, the girl next door
Why keep looking at, 6
Don't look at him anymore
And this is what I love about you
Don't tell anyone
I will say that you love me but
I don't care about you
But if you do not do what I say
I will tell your mother to eat bidi
Remember to talk but
Reading the letter, his eyes are watering. And in my mind I said that smoking is the cause of death ,,,,
I also see the cause of smoking blackmail ..

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Shakil Khan Pub

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