Story: Chicken theft

# Story: Chicken theft🐓

√- In the afternoon I suddenly thought I would steal the chicken. I will do that theft in my own house again, such an idea came
There are some good chickens in the house. ... I made two friends wise. Let's steal the chickens, burn the meat and make a grill and eat it.

Friends said- Where will I steal the chicken from? And we have never stolen a chicken, what will happen if caught, friend ?? Beat it, friend

I said: Hey dude, I will steal the chicken from my own house. And you're talking about getting caught, that also makes sense ... with mustard oil we'll become oily লেও even if we get caught in it, we'll slip out বল will you go or not? Otherwise, but I will steal alone and burn alone

Hearing that, the two friends were tempted to burn the chicken and happily agreed.

At 11 o'clock at night, as I said, I applied a little bit of mustard oil, and the rest of my friends applied 2 more oils. Then I went in front of the chicken coop in my house to steal the chickens. Silent all around .. no sound 🤫

I told my 1st friend to open the nest and take out the chicken. Like my friend, he opened the chicken coop and gave his hand to take out the chicken from inside

After a while a friend brought out a black hen
My friend told me, friend, I will slaughter and burn this chicken today

I said with a light shout: Dude, don't make such a mistake, this chicken can lay eggs ... Do you want? That chicken has eggs in its stomach, and we burn it ?? 😣

Listening to me, the 2nd friend said in a dead heart, just let him go ... take out another chicken.

This time the 1st friend took out a yellow hen from inside the nest.

I shouted: ... Dude, are you so bad? Could I think of burning a pregnant chicken? 😣 I looked inside and saw that the hen was sitting with the om to boil the baby ... and you, boo boo.

My friend hurriedly put the hen on top of the egg and said, "Dude, I've really made a big mistake ... I was tempted to eat a pregnant hen ... who will have a baby in a few days ... boo boo, I'm so bad 😐

I listened to him and said with a smile: Dude, take out another one

The 2nd friend came forward and said to the 1st friend, you sir .. I am taking out the chicken, the 2nd friend put his hand in the chicken coop.

After a while, a huge rooster came out

I shouted louder, "Dude, did you catch it? Who did you catch? Do you know who it is?"

Frightened, the 2nd friend threw the rooster into the nest and said: Why, what happened? Who have I caught, friend 6

I said: Hey, this is the husband of all the other chickens. Now if you slaughter and eat him, do you understand what will happen to the chickens ?? The chickens will be widows

2nd friend: Haq widow, what is the problem, Haq or widow 6

Me: This friend, how could you say that ?? জান Do you know what will happen if the chickens are widows? I understand that all the naughty roosters in the neighborhood will come and torture these widowed hens, turn around and give bad sound, eve teasing.
What do you want, if your beautiful wife is at home .. and something happens to you, and let the naughty boys of the area do the same to your wife .....

The friend said, "No, friend, never. From now on, I will only steal chickens. I will never give a hand to a rooster."

Me: Well, then take out another chicken

After a while, a friend brought out a chicken with the baby ...

With the chicken in hand, the friend is saying, friend, it is so swollen face, why are you looking at us so angrily ?? 😲

Me: Hey Sala ... I understand that you brought him from his child, so he is angry.

In the meantime, he started beating the chicken in his friend's hand

The friend shouts: ... Mother Gohah, Mother Gohah .. Dude, friend, the chicken bites.

Me: (I said laughing) Hey Sala, don't bite, knock

Friend: That's what I'm in pain

Me: Hold the chicken's mouth

Friend, like I said, the chicken's mouth pressed. And he looked at the chicks in the nest and said: Dude, why are those chicks screaming so loudly ?? What are they saying ?? 😲

Me: Hey Sala, they are saying ... leave the baby dog ​​to my mother, baby baby to my mother.

As soon as my friend heard me, he handed the chicken to their baby and said, "Ne re salara ... who is your mother ... don't abuse me at this age."

I and another friend ended up laughing, listening to him

I said: You stay, I bring mobile from home. Then you can see the chicken by lighting the torch and take it out of the nest

They said: Very good intellect. I8 with haste

Slowly I went and brought the mobile from inside the room. They are standing in front of two chicken coops with mustard oil on their hands, feet and body.

At first I started taking pictures of them with my mobile. I took 7/8 pictures of them standing in front of the chicken coop with mustard oil.

They said: Dude, what are you doing? 😲

Me: Ray is taking pictures of you

1st friend: Hey dude, the picture can be taken later ... I succeed in the mission first ... I steal the chicken.

Me: The mission has been successful .... ha ha ha

2nd friend: What do you mean? 😧

I: I remember what you were saying in the morning, ha ha ha .... 🤣 I told you at my house that I am in love with Ritu, as if my father beat me after hearing that কথা ... now go and tell me, then I will take this picture everyone I will show you who came to steal our chicken with oil ... ha ha ha 🤣 whatever you say..🤣

Friends almost said in tears, "Dude, never make this mistake." There will be no more respect, everyone will say we are chicken thieves

Me: Then tell me, will you tell me more about my relationship with Ritu in my house ..? 🤣🤣
And listen, you single singles stay single ... why do you lag behind so many mingles ?? After that, if you follow someone's love, I will make you a chicken thief.

Friends say in tears: Dude, I apologize, I pray ... I will never make this mistake again.

And in the meantime, the mother said loudly from inside the room: Who is Ray, who is near that chicken coop ....?

I said loudly - thief thief thief, chicken thief 6

Friends ran through the darkness with a pair of scissors ...

🍁 Finished

#Gentleman_boy ... (completed story fiction)

Note: This is a story I wrote a long time ago. This story was also posted on my old ID a long time ago.

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