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Hard work is the key to success.


When people think of success, then some think of money, some think of power and some think of happiness as success. What is success as yours? Please comment below.

Friends, SUCCESS is just an idea, which can be different for each person. People determine their own success based on their knowledge, environment, and needs.
Friends, there are many books that help you succeed in life. But if you think a little deeper, you will understand that money, time and energy are the three most important things in human life. If you lack one of these, you will not be able to live successfully. So learn about these 10 richest spells that are in every successful person in the world. Since you are still reading this article, it means you will be successful one day. Read these 10 mantras to get rich with your mind.


The education system in India never works on the thinking of the students, 99% STUDENT to study and get a job. We have all been victims of this education system for which we do not dream big, blame the government for the lack of jobs.
Friends, successful people always dream big and act like that, so you dream big too. Read biographies of successful people, their BOOKS. You can actually achieve a lot in life but you don’t dream big. You have a lot of power, but you don't know it.

Your situation is just like the circus elephant, that huge elephant is blocked by a small chain but never tries to break the chain, he tried a lot as a child to break the chain but did not fall, he thought that one day he will not be able to break the chain. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

You too, like those circus elephants, grow up hearing from your surroundings, your family, your friends from childhood that you can't do anything, nothing can be done by you. So you have come to believe that you will not really succeed in life. So do not dream or try to see.

We can't tell elephants about their power, but you can tell yourself, you have a lot of power, you have the power to do a lot of things, why are you afraid to dream big, take risks Dared, took risks, worked in his spare time. But you might as well relax at work and think about how to be successful.

Dude, I'm telling you, yes, you don't waste time reading this article. This is the right time to take an oath, ACTION, make a plan to change your life. Show those you neglected, failed, lazy way what you can actually do.

2. SET A GOAL: -

Friends, when you have to go somewhere, you have to decide in advance where to go, who to go with, whether to go by train or rent a car, you have to decide how much it will cost. But why don't you budget for success in life or fulfill your dream, why don't you make any plan, why don't you blame luck when you go for a walk but why try to comfort yourself with fault of luck when you are successful. Now sit down with paper, pen and write what you want to do in life, what is your dream? Otherwise, you will not understand how precious time of life will be wasted by ticking Facebook
Without a definite goal, you will never know what to do, what to learn. To do this, first set your goal in a paper, write a date for how long it will take, and make a list of what you will do to accomplish this goal. Create a design for how you will succeed. Just like when organizing a picnic.


Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of their lives because they think there is no end to learning. This does not mean that they go to school to get a degree.

Do you think that you do not know how to read so you cannot get rich? It is wrong to think that most of the rich people in the world did not go to college. To be successful you need to learn from other successful people in your field, read their published books, learn about their good habits. You don't have to just sit and dream. Use the internet, spend time on Facebook, WhatsApp, do research on what you want to do.
Keep learning what you need to learn to meet your goals. As you read this "Mantra of getting rich" article, you will learn a lot from here. Actually these are not mantras but you have to remember mantras if you want to be successful in life.

4. Work hard and smart (SMART AND HARD WORK)

There is no straight path to success, you have to work hard to reach the goal, and if someone succeeds without hard work, remember that success will not last long. You have never seen a man who is successful but lazy and unintelligent.
What is the difference between a little iron and a sharp weapon? The difference is that a sharp weapon goes through many tests, it has to be beaten with a blacksmith's hand, a weapon will be as strong and sharp as a blacksmith's. For this, one should not be afraid of hard work, but if one works with intelligence, success can be achieved quickly.


Due to lack of patience, many people give up trying, so even if they reach a lot of success, the dream is not fulfilled, any work can be achieved only by trying constantly.


There are many people who do not start work just for fear of failure. But successful people are not afraid to take any risks, because they rely on themselves and work according to plan. This does not mean that they do not make mistakes, they also fail but try to learn from it so that the next time the same mistake is not made.

So don't be afraid if you make a mistake and fail, but you will learn something from it that you will not find in any book.


Success needs to be what you can imagine because there are so many people who are skeptical of themselves, of their own merits, only when you fight to be successful will you know that you have succeeded just by waiting for time, no one else will know. So stay away from people who doubt themselves

Belief comes from competence and competence comes from knowledge and effort so keep learning new things and keep in touch with people who want to succeed or have succeeded.

Every successful person has a habit of working, it takes a lot of energy to do any work in a new state, then it becomes a human habit to do that work and these good habits help people to be successful.

So just don’t think, start working on the plans you made.

9. Just work to meet your goals (FOCUS): -

Suppose you set a goal, plan how to be successful, but after a while you forget everything or even if you remember, you are busy with other bad things like this, but time will be wasted, nothing more, always so that your mind stays focused on your goals and objectives. There is a solid, irrational reason to find out why you want to fulfill this dream.


As long as you think you have nothing, God didn't give you anything, you are poor so you can't afford anything, you won't get anything. Because there is a rule of nature that you can't get anything unless you give something to nature, there are many successful people in the world who have become millionaires from zero, so if they thought so, maybe they would be poor.

Shakil Khan.

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Shakil Khan Pub

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