A 3rd "Once In A Lifetime"?

By SumOne | www.publish0x.com/SumOne | 10 Apr 2021

    I jumped into this crypto whirlwind world because I missed a 2nd "Once in a lifetime opportunity." A very rare Unicorn-like animal. One such that most would, or should,  never expect. My reluctance to believe in that Bitcoin internet monopoly money was probably not intentionally dumb. There are load of us in that category, for good reason. My reason was that it seemed doomed to attract a "pyramid scheme" reputation that would make most run fast away. I don't hate myself for looking the other way, but I damn sure don't like myself at all because of it.

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    1995 was a year that I had been fortunate enough to have had a guy that could help me build up a fairly new Hewlett Packard Vectra 386 with Windows 3.11 as the operating system. Dial-up internet from Bellsouth, and daily mailbox delivered  AOL "30 Day Free Trial" CD-ROMs, would introduce me to the World Wide Web, and the connection sound that only a robot could make. After many months of deleting the operating system, and then reinstalling with the 1.44 floppies of DOS and Windows 3.11, and slowly building my RAM to a make the PC a bit more faster than Atari, I knew that I really liked fooling around with this amazing technology. This would become a my hobby, and 2nd source of income for many years. A friend of mine, who sadly ceases to exist now, would shortly find out about my new interest in this computer world. He would eventually come to the conclusion that I would be the perfect person to persuade into investing in something new that he had heard about that involved the now popular home inter web on home computers.


    1996 was the year that my dear friend, the dead one, came to me about investing $1k each on a hunch that he had. He had a vision that "This thing named Yoohoo on the inter web will be worth a lot of money because it going to be the future, man!" "Are you crazy!", I told him. "Computers, maybe. But dude, I'm not giving you $1000 to invest in something that sounds like a fake chocolate drink!" I swear that he called it Yoohoo back then. Nope! I decided that the tiny nest egg that I had squirreled secretly away from my first "Forever" wife would be better spent in bars with friends that I hadn't seen since leaving for a 3 year tour in Germany with the US ARMY. He would be wrong because I was stupid, and didn't believe it was a smart thing to do. At the time in 1996, Yahoo was worth about $33 a share. It would grow over the next few years, and maybe have made us some nice money. That was my "Once in a lifetime" moment, and I let it go like a fart in the wind.

    Fast forward to the year 2009. I had read articles about a new cyber thing out in the world called Bitcoin, and the potential of cryptocurrency in this time of technology. I heard some say that it would never make it. After hearing that you could buy 2 Papa Johns Pizzas for the low low price of 10k Bitcoin, I was sure that this crypto crap would pass soon. This would be my 2nd "Once in a lifetime" failure. Like that same fart in the wind, Bitcoin rich would slip through my pessimistic hands. I would not give crypto another thought again until 2020. I read about "mining" for Pi on my phone for free. "Mining on a cell phone?!" Could this be a 3rd "Once in a lifetime opportunity"?

    It is the year 2021. Like many of you, more than likely, I am chasing my tail trying to find that 1 crypto that will be the next Bitcoin. I have made many conversions, and transfers. This has likely cost me more money in "gas" than my piece of shit 2004 Dodge RAM 1500 that has a dash that is falling apart as fast as my bank account. I wonder if I can buy stock in Coinbase fees? I get the feeling that maybe this crypto business could be worse than the Pot-O-Gold machines that were in every Lil Cricket store in the south in the 80's and 90's. I don't really believe in luck, so something feels awfully familiar about this. I could catch a break and make a few bucks chasing those damn crypto coins around Coin base. Maybe Pi turns out to be the Pot-O-Gold. However, I am pretty sure there will never be a 3rd "Once in a lifetime opportunity".

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