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The Most Pervasive Problems in Ukraine Russia War End

When Professionals Run Into Problems With Ukraine Russia War End, This Is What They Do  

The Most Pervasive Problems in Ukraine, Russia War End

When Professionals Run Into Problems With Ukraine Russia War End, This Is What They Do Photo by UX Gun on Unsplash

Russia has lost the excitement and overconfidence that accompanied the outbreak of the war. Recent reports suggest that Putin is in crisis. Putin's hopes of a speedy occupation of Ukraine. For more than three weeks, nothing else has come true. At the same time, the so-called terrible crisis in Russia is intensifying.

The Russian people have turned against Putin. According to a news release released by BBC News the other day, Russia's crisis has engulfed all industries. The main reasons are a lack of food security, food shortages, hoarding, and financial hardship. Many banks cannot withdraw money due to the non-cooperation of foreign banks. Thus, crises and misery are faced in all spheres. As a result, the daily lives of Russians have become unbearable, the report said. Similarly, in the news released by many international media outlets yesterday and today, one thing they all say is that this war will not last too long.

Ukraine has suffered heavy casualties as a result of the war. There have been military casualties. But similarly, there was a great deal of damage in a variety of other areas, especially the economic and social sectors. Russia has also suffered unexpected casualties. In this situation, both countries are resolving their initial tension. The most important fact is that the two countries have reached an agreement. We know that on February 24 Russia captured two of the most important provinces. This follows Russia's announcement that it would release them and the imposition of international sanctions.

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Earlier, Russia declared that if we made any moves against you, you would retaliate, and we would not be harmed. However, as Russia's airstrikes and bombings increased, so did Russia's hope. The desire to capture Kyiv fueled the war's intensity.

A bomb exploded in Kyiv yesterday, killing at least 35 people, but Zelensky showed no fear. The latest photos he posted on social media may have surprised Putin. The fact that Silansiki is standing zealously on the battlefield, even while faced with the possibility of death at any moment, has earned him the respect of both the Ukrainian people and the international community. This is because the heads of state of the respective countries hid in bunkers during the wars in other countries. Silansiki has been firmly on the battlefield since the beginning.

"We are positive," said Mikranio, a Ukrainian president's adviser who attended the talks with Russia. Similarly, Russia's envoy, Leonidovsky, described the meeting as "very positive." The Deputy Secretary of State also stated that the talks between the two countries are progressing well. As the three countries confirmed, things are changing. That there is a positive conversation taking place.

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Russia did not take a position at the outset of the war, at the start of the discussion. Although Russia was present, its representative said only one word. We can reach an agreement and make decisions together. Consider Russia's position at the outset of the war. There is no way to discuss it. International sanctions are not a problem for us. If you come to militarily assist Ukraine, you will have access to this information. With our position, we are making progress. As a result, Russia has undergone considerable changes. When we say that we can reach a mutual understanding and make decisions, we must assume that Russian austerity has ended. Ukraine raises two important issues at the same time.

Ukrainians, on the other hand, proposed two conditions, one of which is that we won't surrender, and the other is that you won't impose anything on us. The video conference held the other day was the first indication that Russia's dealings, or moves toward peace, had been acknowledged. Following that, the two countries' representatives will attend another important meeting soon. Details have yet to be revealed. However, Russia has suffered significant hardships since the economic sanctions were imposed on February 24. So far, Russia has been sanctioned, 5532 times. When we look at the numbers, we can see that the Russian people are in a state of mass protest because they are fighting a war.

People have such a high level of endurance. Preliminary Statistics when we examine the figures provided by the international media, we can see that food and medicine are in short supply. There are no restrictions on medicines because of the shortage, but shipping restrictions are on the way. As a result, there is a medicine shortage. In just two weeks, the price of milk has doubled.

Food prices have increased by roughly 20% across the board. Laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices have skyrocketed in price. Apple and Nikkei are among the international brands that have announced their withdrawal from Russia. Online payments for Visa MasterCard, American Express, Apple, and Google Pay have almost come to a halt due to Russia's international money laundering network being shut down. The inability to transfer funds and withdraw funds from an ATM is there. The Russian people are currently in a state of great distress.

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That's why Putin appears to be softening his stance at the moment. The Russian Central Bank issued a warning the other day in response to this. As the war continues, Russia's socioeconomic impact will be severe. It is going to last a long time.

The economy is expected to undergo significant changes. The report serves as a chilling warning to the Russian government as the war in Ukraine suffers major setbacks and internal conflicts worsen within Russia. There is many people on the streets. Food is in short supply. Similarly, the ruble's value is decreasing. Money cannot be bought or sold in some circumstances. Food shortages are becoming more severe as international sanctions are tightened. As a result, Russia is in yet another crisis. Strong warnings are coming from within the country.

Due to Russia's belief that the issue could be resolved in this case, the previous discussion was so positive. Ukraine expressed satisfaction with Russia's response. If this is the case, the international media may be reporting that the war will be over soon.

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