I'm back

Thank you for all being patient with me.. 

I have made a lot of post through the months with publish0x. Some that are good some bad. I have though only made thoughts for readers during a depression that would make me cry.. 

I am finally balanced my voices are gone. I feel upbeat and raring to go..

If you have liked my posts in the past get ready for the future. I have been struggling with schizophrenia and hardly know how I was so artistic..

I would like to say the voices made me write all those things but I am happy you all liked me for me.. we all like money we like to use our time wisely. I feel enhanced knowing I can finally think and not force myself to habitats this great program called for publishers to unite and create Shakespeare. If monkeys where the beta we are the alpha omega.

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Topics that help you in daily life, that can be transferable to that aswell.


Did you know that you can cure cancer by adding small amounts of mercury to your diet. It is an inbalance that is caused by not eating enough.

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