Cancer what it is!!!!

Cancer what it is!!!!

  • Cancer simply mean more murcury. 


If you break down the body chemistry we are made up of water, salt iron and trace elements. If you where to imbalance any of those you become ill. There are always ways to find balance. When your sick you shouldn't think... i need the best medicine on the market. It should be what am I not eating enough of.

For example:

If you have a cold; eat a potatoe. The flu; an orange, respiratory infection; a lemon, virus; agave.


Always remember to add a complex sugar. As NASA would say we are all complex sugars.

Adding mercury enriched foods to your diet can increase your abilities to fight cancer ten fold. 

If you really do the math we eat all essential vitamins in a day. What we are missing is *ding* murcury. So that means no matter who you are your mercury deposit in the body will run dry and cancer will strike.

It was said abraham lincoln was a brilliant lawyer and chemist. He was battling with diseases of the people while in office. The rumor was people were all dying of the same illness. He found the Imbalance and created a plant to battle the disease. That disease was cancer his cure pepper.

Anyone who knows contradictory elements can see that table pepper are like peas and bananas only severed to kids and elderly and even they don't want anything to do with it because of conditioning. And this is how murcury takes the cake. Note two unidentified properties one being cancer the other murcury. Twice the murcury one time the cancer. Fight fire with fire this is knowledge.




190903265-dd73208d29e091289cd0ccead7c8f810a9bbe999e4006435a78a93a7751c7594.pngthe supporting documents can be found on:


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Did you know that you can cure cancer by adding small amounts of mercury to your diet. It is an inbalance that is caused by not eating enough.

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