Biomite Clay

Biomite Clay

So with conspiracies of Covid-19 coming out of left field here and there I decided to take a leap of faith by looking into the past. Billy Joel's we didnt start the fire drove me to doing so.

I looked into nuclear test and meltdowns searching for answers. What I was drawn to was how long a nuclear zone is radiated for these are my findings via Google search how long will Chernobyl be uninhabitable. It states Chernobyl will be uninhabitable for 20,000 years. Then I didnt do a search on Japan and what happened there I only drew a picture in my mind because most news stations were reporting that drift from radiation clouds would reach main lands in other regions in days. 

Question I posed was if Chernobyl last 20,000 years, then a cloud can drift. That means radiation is circling the globe over and over. It might be disapaiting from falling in the waters of oceans and lakes. Yet there are many areas that continue to throw clouds of radiation. This would be a reason coral fish and the ocean in general is dying. That would be a reason for global warming. That would be a reason to stay inside and social distance. 

I pose a week challenge. Take Biomite Clay for 1 week in your water. Tell me if this helped quality of life or stayed the same.

Bionite clay is supposed to be a negatively charged ionic base that can cure radiation poisoning. Look it up give it a try. Because I think our ancestors fucked us.


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Did you know that you can cure cancer by adding small amounts of mercury to your diet. It is an inbalance that is caused by not eating enough.

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