The Daily Writing Practice

By jer979!! | | 28 Jul 2022

I had noticed that one of my blogging inspirations, Fred Wilson, had recently cut way back on the number of his posts, from daily to just occasionally. He wrote about that.

He, along with Seth Godin, were the two people I looked two as examples of people who blog every day.

Now, there’s only one.

I look at my RSS feed (yes, I still use that and love it) and see the massive blog graveyard. That is, blogs to which I’ve subscribed in the past, but which haven’t had updates in months or years.

It’s difficult to maintain a daily writing habit.

Especially when you’re traveling, of which I have been doing a lot recently.

But, and maybe this is a stage of life thing, like a daily meditation practice, the writing is an opportunity to clarify thoughts.

It’s difficult to remember that the purpose of the blog is for me and that I shouldn’t care at all what others think about it, but that’s the truth. Still, I do.

There was a time when, every morning, I’d get up, full of a new idea about social media, marketing, or crypto and pound out pages of content.

These days, and maybe it’s just a lull, I find that the same type of energy is not there.

It’s not that the passion isn’t there, it’s just that I think the process for creating knowledge is different now.

Also, my challenges are different.

I used to need to attain subject matter expertise. Now, I have to figure out how to be an effective leader and builder of organizations and ecosystems.

I’m embarking on a new personal growth area.

And writing that down is the best reminder to myself that I can make.

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