Organizational Design

By jer979!! | | 11 May 2022

I’ve been watching Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.

It’s a good drama and, as a basketball fan, I particularly enjoyed it.

But one element of it that I am examining is that of the organizational design choices made by different people in the show.

  • who should the coach be?
  • which players should be on the team?
  • which players should start?
  • how are roles made clear?

This is top of mind for me because I see this as one of the bigger challenges I am currently facing in my role at RDX Works/Radix.

Over the past few months, we’ve done a nice job of getting a lot of the basics, the so-called (pardon the American football analogy) “blocking and tackling” of marketing.

We have good units within marketing, such as content, social media, community, events, paid marketing, and influencer management, and each of them is beginning to hum.

What we need to do next is figure out how to make them all hum in unison. Then, how to make them hum with the rest of the organization.

One of the tension points comes between the “system” and the “personnel.”

Do you design a system around the people you have? Or do you try and design the optimal system and then find the right people for it?

One thing I do know, and this comes straight out of the show, is that “fluidity” is the key. Especially in a Web3 world, we need to have flexibility in how we interact with each other and with the community of token holders.

I’m a bit intimidated by this challenge as I feel like it’s somewhat outside of my comfort zone, but that’s where the growth comes from, right?

As long as I’m conscious about the fact that I’m doing it, I think we’ll get to someplace better.

Then, we go from there.

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